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Department of Business Networking and Systems Management

Chairman: Dr. Samir Al-Abadi
Tel: 2307
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The department of Business Networking and Systems Management is considered one of the distinguished departments at the university. It combines two aspects of our practical life, namely, different fields of computer networks and information systems on one hand and business management on the other. This leads to the emerging of a new scientific branch of study that paves the building blocks of information systems, computer networks are considered to be the backbone of information systems, we focus on the implementation side of networking rather the design side. Our main goal is to prepare our students for appropriate handling of business tasks expected from networks administrators within local or web networked environments  

The department always tries to cope with developments in this field by involving relevant organizations in the field of networking and information systems. This is implemented by means of workshops and seminars which students benefit from. In addition to this, continuous development and improvement are carried out on the course plan, and description of courses that are part of the requirements for the bachelor degree in business networking and system management. 

Finally we emphasize that our operation at the department is strategically tied to the needs of the marketplace, hence curriculum and directions are modified as needed.