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Deanship of Distance Learning

Prof. Mohamed Bettaz, Dean

The Deanship of Distance Learning at Philadelphia University was established in 2003, in response to the needs expressed by our working students and those living in rural communities. Philadelphia University is one of the leading universities to offer distance learning in the Arab World. In collaboration with UNESCO it established Avicenna Virtual Campus which provides academic access to electronic syllabi using the “Modular Object Oriented Design Learning Environment (Moodle)” platform.

The Deanship of Distance Learning provides a robust vision aims at intensifying e-learning using the latest technological advancement in the field. It aims at contributing effectively to the scientific developments in the Kingdom in general and at Philadelphia University in particular.Distance education is a field of education that focuses on pedagogy, technology, and instructional systems that aims to deliver education to students who are separated by time and distance from the classroom.

Distance learning is complementary support intends to support traditional learning methods in order to make course materials accessible to large audiences worldwide. Distance learning courses are delivered primarily via the Internet, offers new teaching methodologies, and wherever appropriate, videoconferencing sessions are organized to simulate an academic environment.