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Department of Law

Studies at the Faculty of Law began in the academic year 1991-1992, with the establishment of the University. The faculty has received both public and private accreditation, welcoming hundreds of students who have benefited from distinguished legal learning.
The Faculty aims to prepare the academically qualified professional needed by public and private institutions. To this end, a degree programme has been draw up at the bachelor’s degree level to keep pace with scientific development on the local, regional and international levels, taught by professors who are distinguished in their various specializations.
Judging from the fact that there was a dramatic increase in the number of the faculty’s students (from 9 students in 1991/1992 to 550 students in 2004/2005), it can be estimated that students are attracted by the high quality of teaching provided by the Faculty. Moreover, as parts aim to maintain a cosmopolitan community of staff and students, and prove contact with an international community, the faculty cultivates a regional rile, with many students coming from abroad to study on its programme. The number of foreign students in the academic year 2004/2005 made up 47% percent of the Faculty’s students body.
Graduates of the faculty have gone on to great success in many fields of endeavour, with an excellent record in obtaining employment in a very wide range of careers. Our graduates include highly respected lawyers, legal counselors, prosecuting attorneys, judges and many others career in the entire legal industry.