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Deanship of Graduate Studies

In terms of postgraduate studies, the main purpose of the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies is to introduce academic programs beyond the bachelor's degrees for those seeking qualifications that enable them to develop expertise in their professional fields or those aspiring to gain advanced knowledge and skills to enable them to join the academic community in the fields of education and scientific research. Furthermore, the graduate programs work to develop the educational process in the bachelor's programs, raise the level of contribution to knowledge at the University, and enhance the attractiveness of distinguished faculty and students, thus increasing the University's competitiveness and upgrading the quality of its graduate

The Graduate Studies Council was established in 1995 and was entrusted with the tasks of setting up the rules and regulations of the University's graduate programs, as well as providing advice to faculties and academic departments that are planning to introduce graduate programs at the University. In 2001, the University established the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies in preparation for the commencement of graduate programs. The University launched two master's programs in Computer Science (the Faculty of Information Technology) and English Language and Literature (Faculty of Arts) in 2005. In 2013, the University launched two other programs in the Mechatronics (Faculty of Engineering), Arabic Language and Literature (Faculty of Arts). In this academic year (2017/2018) the University launched another master's program in Accounting (Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences).The University is also working to strengthen the potential of a number of disciplines to expand its graduate base and host more master programs.

Professor Abdulmutallab Yousef Jaber

Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

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