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Department of Personnel Affairs

Mohammad Al-Maqusi, Director

A summary About the Department

The Department houses two divisions:

Personnel Affairs Division:

  • Following up personnel affairs such as:

-      All types of vacations and entering them on the computer (annual, sick leave, other leaves….etc.).

-      Health insurance issues.

-      Annual increase and appointments.

-      Resignations, contract termination, and quittance procedures.

-      Contract preparation and renewal.

-      Issuing certificates of experience upon administrative staff members' requests.

  • Preparing and arranging employee files in a way that fulfills general accreditation and validation standards, and in harmony with the Law of Private Universities.
  • Computerizing human resources to include all data required about every administrator.


Scholarships Division:

- Following up students who are awarded scholarships for earning the master's degree or the doctorate degree to satisfy University needs for certain specializations as per regulations set for this purpose.

- Concluding contracts with students who are awarded scholarships and providing all documents required for dispatching them such as real estate mortgage and notary surety bond.

- Following the course of study of the students who are awarded scholarships to ensure their good performance at their universities.