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M.Sc. Supervision:

1. Linah Al-Khatib. Title: "Using NLP for Semi-Automated Class Generation from Arabic Text". Defended June/2017.
2. Hashem Shmaisani. Title: "Using Semantic Approaches To Answer Questions From Arabic Text". Defended January, 2014. Awarded 2nd-Best Prize in The National Conference for Research Innovation. (Certificate)
3. Ibrahim Abd Al-Nabi. Title: "Discovering User Attitudes of Business in Twitter Arabic Language Feed". January, 2014


Invited Presentations

1. Ontology Evaluation and Ranking using OntoQA. Samir Tartir, I. Budak Arpinar and Amit P. Sheth. In Ontology Summit 2013: Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle. Track-A: Intrinsic Aspects of Ontology Evaluation: Practice and Theory. Virtual Panel. 2013-01-31.



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