Assistant Professor
Philadelphia University - Amman, Jordan
September/2009 - Present
A professor in the department of Software Engineering in the faculty of Information Technology. Responsible for teaching and coordinating a number of classes and responsible for the departmental quality assurance duties.

Research Assistant / Instructor
LSDIS Lab, Computer Science Department, UGA - Athens, GA, USA
August/2004 - August/2009
Member of SEMDIS, an NSF-ITR funded project "Semantic Discovery: Discovering Complex Relationships in the Semantic Web". Research focus on defining and representing meaningful and interesting relationships (called: semantic associations) between entities in RDF graphs. It includes creation of algorithms for discovering informative paths, indexing and querying of complex semantic relationships, as well as ranking association results in terms of relevance to the context of the query. As a part of the SEMDIS project, I am working on the following:
. Conducting research on the problem of interpreting natural language questions using ontologies and extracting their answers from web documents and local relational and semantic databases.
. I designed the OntoQA framework that focuses on the analysis and summarization of ontologies to be able to understand their contents without the need to view complex RDF or OWL files. To date, our original OntoQA publication (published in November 2005) has been cited more than 22 times. The OntoQA framework was enhanced to include the capabilities to rank ontologies based on keywords and ontology features that the user specifies.
. I have also designed the SemanticQA framework that utilizes ontological knowledge to answer user questions presented in natural English by extracting these answers from web documents and ranking them using different measures.
. I have also taught the CSCI-1302: "Software Development" class that serves as an intensive introduction to the design and implementation of significant software projects, as well as an introduction to OOP, recursion, exceptions, searching, sorting, algorithm analysis and other in Java.

Database Programmer
Padgett Business Services, Athens, GA, USA
May/2006 - August/2006
Padgett Business Services is a leading provider of financial reporting and tax consulting services to small business owners throughout North America. In the 2007 issue of 'Top 100' in Accounting Today's annual ranking of tax and accounting firms, Padgett ranked 56th.
As part of this summer internship, I worked with other team members on the implementation of unemployment and income tax applications for the different US states. Programming was done using the Sybase Application Server.

Research Assistant
Forestry Department, UGA - Athens, GA, USA
August/2005 - May/2006
Member of the Spatial Analysis Lab working on EDM (Entity Distribution Modeling) project, a NatureServe-funded project for modeling mechanisms that influence the spatial patterns of animal distribution on the landscape and how these models can be integrated into GIS-based tools to help manage ecosystems. My main tasks were in designing and building the different components in the system. Programming was made with VB.Net employing different components of the ArcGIS platform.

Analyst / Database Developer
SIMTIX - Amman, Jordan
June/2004 - August/2004
Mainly worked on the Aqar Holding Real Estate Sales web project. It is a 3-tier project that involved Java as a front-end and an Oracle database as a back-end. My main responsibility was providing the Java team with the database objects and procedures they required.

Full-Time Instructor
Philadelphia University - Amman, Jordan
April/2003 - December/2003
A private sector university with a number of students of about 7,000. I have taught courses in Advanced Database, Oracle, Visual Basic, and Management Support systems, with class size of an average of 25.

Technical Team Leader
Dar Al-Handasah Group - Amman, Jordan
March/2003 - December/2003
Dar is the considered the 10th largest engineering firm in the world [source]. I lead a team of programmers build a new application for an English sister company of Dar. The application was a Visual Basic application in the front-end, with MS SQL Server in the backend. Before starting the development, the team needed to be trained on Visual Basic.

Sr. Database Developer/Analyst
Integrant Inc. - Amman, Jordan, San Diego, CA, USA
April/2000 - March/2003

An American company whose management and projects are based in San Diego, CA, and its development is conducted in Amman, Jordan. I have worked there as a senior database developer specializing in building forms and complex PL/SQL scripts. I was also the Oracle DBA for Integrant. I have conducted some analysis for some systems. I also have led some projects for Integrant. And, I spent six months in the American branch doing systems analysis and meeting with clients, mainly, a company called "NAGS" (National Auto Glass Specifications).

Banking Applications Developer
June/1998 - April/2000
Computer Communications Systems, CCS - Amman, Jordan
CCS is the Jordanian division of ICS-London, a British company that has several branches and departments, and has projects in several countries. Worked there as an Oracle banking applications developer, specializing in the Trade Finance System applications.

Database Developer
Al-Awa'el Computer Systems - Amman, Jordan
July/1999 - September/1999
I guided the company employees in moving their development of several database application from Microsoft Access to Oracle.