[Course Description]

Basics of Drawing

Basics   of   Design

History and Principles of Design

Color Theory and Application  

Introduction to Graphic Design

Photography 1

Techniques of Water Color

Computer Graphics

2- Dimensional Design

Still Nature Drawing

3-Dimensional Design

Illustrative Models

Methodology of Design


Arabic Calligraphy and Typography

Itching & Printing

Graphic Design Techniques

Computer Design Techniques (1)

Aesthetic Appreciation

History of   Islamic Art   

Computer Animation (1)

Advanced Studies in Graphics

Graduation Project (Graphics)

Arabic and Latin Calligraphy

Photography and Print Editing

Photography (2)

Press Production

Applications in Advertisement and Public Relations

Commercial and Marketing Promotion

Psychology and Sociology of Design

Calculating Quantities

Art in the 20th century

Art Criticism

Special Topics in Graphic Design

History of World Art        

Environmental Design

Fabric Print and Design

Computer Animation (2)

Basics of Industrial Design

Techniques of Computer Design (2)

Drawing and painting



 (0180101) Basics of Drawing (3 credit hours): 

This course enables students to acquire special skills of drawing through practice. It deals with various topics and concentrates on the aesthetic aspects of the work, with reference to still and living nature.


(0180111)   Basics   of   Design (3 credit hours):

This course provides a brief study of the techniques and instruments of principles and instruments of 2-D and 3-D design. It also deals with the form and color of the art work and how crucial they are in the overall structure of design.


 (0180120)  History and Principles of Design (3 credit hours): 

This course deals with the history and development of design in the Arab world and internationally. It concentrates on the most important innovation and technique in the art of design.


 (0180130)  Color Theory and Application   (3 credit hours):  

This course aims at introducing the meaning of color and its historical, psychological, and sociological relationships. It studies the physical and chemical components of color through applying it to various designs.


 (0180121)  Introduction to Graphic Design   (3 credit hours/ prerequisite: 180111):

This course is a brief study of the development of the technique of Graphic Design from olden times until the present. It deals with the general principles of graphic processes concerning printing, art, and other practical aspects related to design, carried out manually or by computer.


 (0180131)  Photography 1  (3 credit hours):

This course provides a theoretical background about the principles of photography and how photos are important as a means of communication. It deals practically with cameras, lenses, films, and filters, the special materials for exposure and fixing; and various applications both inside and outside the dark room.


 (0180210) Techniques of Water Color (3 credit hours):

This course aims at studying the characteristic of water colors, distinguishing them from other colors; and how to utilize such colors for works of interior designs and graphics.


 (018222)  Computer Graphics   (3 credit hours/prerequisite: 180121 ):  

This course aims at orienting students to design by the efficient use of computers. A student will see how this is used by designers and artists to produce 2 and 3 dimensional designs, with the various treatments and effects, using the arts and design computer programs. Special emphasis will be placed on photograph treatment program.


 (180450) 2- Dimensional Design (3 credit hours) :

This course aims to develop students’ level of performance in using elements and the relations of 2-d design in its formal, functional, and executive applications, in the fields of interior, industrial, and graphic designs.


 (0180251) Still Nature Drawing: (3 credit hours):

This course is designed to strengthen students’ skills through practicing the drawing of still models and vessels of various materials. They will also practice the use of the techniques of color exposure and execution of still nature scenes.


 (0180312)  3-Dimensional Design:   (3 credit hours):

This course introduces     students     to     drawing 3-dimensional  and free scenes through getting introduced to the different forms of aesthetic relations in the areas of interior and graphic designs, in photography; and in stressing the role of the above compositions in creating a 3-dimensional structures.


 (180420)  Illustrative Models (3 credit hours/prerequisite: 180312):

This course concentrates on studying the principles of mass and vacuum, their aesthetic values, their relation with the space; studying the ways of their production and uses according to the rules and drawings of prism and geometrical drawings, and studying their various illustrative techniques.


 (0180431)  Methodology of Design (3 credit hours) :

This course aims at developing the principle of self-criticism and objectivity in applying the standards and solutions of design; at studying the traditional methodologies of design that depend solely on drawing, and the new methodologies of design, which surfaced in some advanced countries. It also concentrates on the methodology of “ finding a solution to the problem”.


 (0180423) Meteorology (3 credit hours):

This course discusses the raw materials used in the various fields of design and the role of the designer in choosing the raw material that suits the various areas of design.


 (180232) Arabic Calligraphy and Typography (3 credit hours):

This course aims to study the aesthetic unity of Arabic letters and the rules of their writing, and their uses according to the various kinds of Arabic calligraphy.


 (0180351)  Itching & Printing  (3 credit hours): 

This course handles advanced practical studies of the methods and techniques of engraving and printing with the various materials, through several printing applications .


 (0180320)  Graphic Design Techniques   (3 credit hours):

This  course aims at studying the development of graphic design according to the various techniques, old and modern , and the influences of their styles. It also studies their procedures and the methods of display of professional graphic designs, along with the study of the technique of photography and its significance in this field.


 (0180341) Computer Design Techniques (1)  (3 credit hours/prerequisite: 180222):

This course allows students to participate in various training exercises on the various styles and techniques of computerized designs. They will thereby realize the importance of these styles and techniques in executing designs.


 (0180360) Aesthetic Appreciation :(3 credit hours):

This course presents a number of subjects that are concerned with aesthetic literature and appreciation, such as the definition, stages, and theories of beauty and aesthetics, and the creative process (its stages and theories). It also studies the ever changing artistic appreciation, in harmony with development of human society.


 (0180373)  History of   Islamic Art   (3 credit hours):

This course aims to acquaint students with the beginning and development of the Islamic art, and the basics upon which the Islamic art rests. It also studies Islamic architecture, Islamic photography, and applied arts.


 (180443) Computer Animation (1) (3 credit hours):

This course enables students to examine the various methods of visual deception of movement on the TV screen and acquaints them with the psychological theories that explain the perspective of movement: such as the theory of the apparent change of movement place and perspective. Computer programs will be used for the purpose of this course.


 (0180323)   Advanced Studies in Graphics (3 credit hours): 

This course presents a comprehensive study of all the aesthetic, functional, environmental, cognitive, and emotional factors that contribute to the creation of a successful visual image, particularly the national image, through utilizing the newest trends in advertisement, to revive the culture and preserve the national identity.


 (0180460): Graduation Project (Graphics) (6 credit hours )

This course aims to carry out a detailed study of the project that the student has chosen in course 180325, so he or she would become equipped, comprehensively and creatively, with competencies in the various types of advertisement and commercials, which are to be covered in the project.


 (0180230) Arabic and Latin Calligraphy (3 credit hours):

This course aims at training students on the methods and styles of using the Arabic and Latin calligraphy and letters in accomplishing different and diverse works, in a way that enriches the design, giving it a special aesthetic value and character.


 (180332) Photography and Print Editing (3 credit hours) :

This course acquaints students with the stages of design as a process, according to the turn of each stage, through the processes of producing and printing. This includes teaching students the processes of color separation, editing, printing, and handling metal plates.


 (0180335) Photography (2) (3 credit hours/ prerequisite: 180131)

This course aims to study the principles of producing printed photographs. It also studies the technical means necessary for the creation of commercial photographic works and designs, through both theoretical and practical training and field visits to commercial printing presses. The course also shows the relationship between a photographer a designer and a printer; and involves students in training on various photography lab technology.


180350  Press Production  (3 credit hours)

The course aims to familiarize the students  with the process of producing a newspaper, starting from type setting till the final stage. The students will also be introduced to all common typographical elements and to different art schools in page design.


180250 Applications in Advertisement and Public Relations (3 cr. hours)

The course aims to familiarize the students with the basic elements and types of the communication process, considering advertisement as a means of communication and information. The course will include practical applications on producing different types of advertisement.


180372 Commercial and Marketing Promotion(3 credit hours)

The course aims to explain the concept of promotion- its characteristics, importance and role- as a means of communication. It also includes the preparation and planning for marketing campaigns, and how this serves in accomplishing commercial promotion. The course relates all the above with the process of design showing how important it is for marketing.


180472 Psychology and Sociology of Design (3 credit hours)

This course studies the effect of psychological factors on the success of designs, taking into consideration the psychological variations of receivers, according to their environments, in addition to the use and function of the design.


180311  Calculating Quantities (3 credit hours)

The course aims to train the students on the process of calculating approximate costs of printed materials according to their quantities, type of printing , and other necessary elements for the final production of the printed material. The course also deals with the different types of material, direct and indirect costs, wages, work order and the system of stage costs.


180430  Art in the 20th century (3 credit hours)

This course aims to introduce the student to the peculiarities of 20th  century art including its features and its major figures. The student will also be introduced to different styles and schools of Art in the 20th century.


180432  Art Criticism (3 credit hours)

The course aims to train the students on the examination, analysis and artistic criticism of different works, paintings and designs according to different theories and views of philosophers, thinkers and critics . The students will also be introduced to the methods of  successful criticism.


180311  Special Topics in Graphic Design (3 credit hours)

This course is based on practical trainings related to graphic design such as integrated design with distinctive graphic features.


180473  History of World Art (3 credit hours)        

This course studies the origin and  evolution of world art through history. It also studies the major schools and methods in different ages, in addition to the most famous artists and their major works.


180471  Environmental Design (3 credit hours) 

This course aims to show the relation between design for the environment and the environment of design. The course also deals with the natural environment and artificial environment. It also deals with the role of environment in providing the designer with new ideas for the shapes through which he expresses his own views.


180412  Fabric Print and Design (3 credit hours)

This course aims to provide the students with the skills of fabric printing through the use of silk screen printing and its different inks and materials. It also trains the student how to prepare the sensitive material and how to print using one color or multicolor.


180444 Computer Animation (2) (3 credit hours/prerequisite: 180443)

This course aims to train the students how to use animation software and visual illusion by the computer and to prepare some animated advertisement to develop this skill, with special emphasis on 3-D technique.


180422  Basics of  Industrial Design (3 credit hours)

The course aims to teach the students how to design different containers (boxes, cans, packets, etc.) through learning the scientific and practical bases related to this skill.


180442  Techniques of Computer Design (2) (3 credit hours/prerequisite: 180341)

This course is designed to train the students on using the computer and its accessories to acquire various skills and techniques related to design such as technical production aspects using suggestion and 3-D technique, in addition to making different designs for electronic pages.


180440  Drawing and painting (3 credit hours)

This course is based on the study of colors in nature and how these colors are affected by either natural or artificial light. The target of such study will be to train students to use oil colors, and to produce enlargements of international paintings, using colors, crayon and pencil; it also trains students to produce models, using the techniques of different art schools.