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Maintenance Department

To ensure smooth and efficient operation of all university facilities and utilities, this Department carries out all executive, constructional, electrical, mechanical, sanitary works as well as all tasks pertinent to communications and road works. It also follows up maintenance  contracts with various companies.


In brief, the Department is responsible for the following:

  1. carrying out all power-connected tasks (installation and maintenance)
  2. providing Internet connections.
  3. providing telephone and fax services.
  4. monitoring, pumping, sterilizing, distributing water.
  5. installing and maintaining sanitary fixtures.
  6. monitoring and maintaining all sewage systems.
  7. doing all tasks involving carpentry, aluminum-molding, and blacksmithing.
  8. doing paint-work (in-house and pavements).
  9. plastering, tiling, and pavement-laying.
  10.  servicing, developing, and upgrading the university’s telephone exchange.
  11. negotiating contracts with maintenance companies and monitoring services carried out by such companies.
  12. coordinating and following up maintenance services regarding photocopying machines, water coolers, air conditioners, elevators, and various scientific apparatuses to ensure that they are in perfect working condition.
  13. responding to the numerous calls for immediate repairs throughout the campus.
  14. monitoring and maintaining the university’s stand-by generators to ensure that they are in perfect working condition in case of power failure.
  15. providing all necessary services (drinking water, telephones, and Internet connections) to classrooms and auditoriums where symposia and conferences may be held.
  16. monitoring and maintaining  all fire alarm systems.
  17. any other tasks required by the administration.

Staff Members

Acting Director

Abdul Hakim Maqableh


Randa Fawaz Al-Quraan

Maintenance technician

Mustafa Khleif al-Jafari

Electricity technician

Ali Abdul-Fattah Abu Rushta


Awwad Ahmad Awwad

Electricity & communications technician

Tha'er Fathi Abu Krayyem

Communications & Internet technician

Bassam Ahmad al-Omour

Sanitary tools and fixtures technician

Emad Hassan Yasin

Artesia well and water tanks supervisor

Yousuf Shehadah Abu Hardan

Sanitary tools and fixtures technician

Khalid Adnan al-Omari

Sanitary fixtures and sewerage assistant technician

Ahmad Harb al-Ajhar

Smithery and carpentry technician

Khalid Mahmoud al-Fa'ouri

Carpentry technician

Qutaibah Abdul-Kader al-Zabn

Paint-work technician

Yasser Amin Qasim

=                  =

Nabil Ahmad al-Kurdi

Tile burnishing technician

Ayman Moh'd Saeed Abu Jubran


Mohammad Mousa Abu Ghuneim

Switchboard operator

Sameh Abdul-Haleem al-Hammori

=                     =

Ayman Ghaleb Jabreyya

=                     =

Mohammad Abdulla Ahmad

=                     =

Mohammad Hussein al-Fakeeh

  Dhurgham Marwan Magableh
  Ghaith Al-Jbour