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Course Description for Department of Architecture Engineering

660163 Architectural Drawing & Perspective (3Cr. Hrs)

Drawing and Rendering is a course which introduces students to the visual language of drawing through observation and rendering a realistic image. In addition to traditional drawing techniques, this course will cover color theory and figure drawing. The course develops insights in the mechanisms of visual perception, how the individual components of the drawing relate to the whole and compositional organization. Each student develops observational skills rooted in traditional drawing media while striving to develop critical thinking and research skills.

660162 Free Hand Drawing (2Cr. Hrs)

Teaching drawing technique without using drafting tools, with the use of pencil, to present plans, forms, compositions of different forms in addition to studying and drawing of perspectives.

660149 Architectural Design (1) (3Cr. Hrs)

The studying of basic principles of basic design to understand the visual and aesthetic qualities of art and reality that leads to architectural design situations .This can be achieved through 2D and 3D practical applications by which different visual compositions could be created in space, studying the movement and visual colors, and the visual training for different colors and materials and model building.

660151 Architectural Design (2)  (4Cr. Hrs)

Practical and theoretical study of 3D form and space, visualization and simple architectural forms by applying the knowledge gained in previous design course to design buildings of single/simple activity, the design of two projects like kiosks and pergolas etc., for the development of the students visual perception through the design of applicable building in order to train students to better understand their environment and culture.

660264 Computer Aided Design (1) (2Cr. Hrs)       

This course is concerned with an introduction to the general use of computers and file management. It covers 2D drawing using several graphics software programs to enable students to execute various 2D architectural drawings.

660252Architectural Design (3) (4Cr. Hrs)

This course shall continue with future progress and complexity in aesthetic qualities but with more emphasis on architectural and functional aspects that are related to circulation, concept, materials and climatic considerations.  This takes place through designing actual and specific projects in place of ordinary and absolute formation.  Thus it deals with a design of building which have a direct relation with actual life experience of the students such as residential.

660253 Architectural Design (4) (4Cr. Hrs)

This course will be in continuous with the previous courses. Projects like; Clinic, Police station, small shopping center can introduce the students with laws and regulations of designs.

660223 Building Construction (1) (3Cr. Hrs)

Introduction to: Building construction and systems, loading effects on buildings, building construction elements and materials both the national and the international. In addition it presents detailed information about the Foundation, the wall systems, the insulation and the expansion joints. The course covers as well a detailed drawing about the previous material.

660224 Building Construction (2) (3Cr. Hrs)

To study different construction elements including; walls, columns, beams, slabs and roof coverings, stairs, doors and windows.  The course covers the finishing materials and applications starting from floors to walls to plastering and painting. Study of pre cast constructions system if time allows.

660291 Environmental Control (3Cr. Hrs)

The course concentrates on climatic and cultural conditions of different zones around the globe. It also focuses on the vernacular treatments and the modern solutions for shading, ventilation and lighting. It provides a specific emphasis on the natural power of sun and wind and their utilization in providing passive solutions that are complemented by active systems and powered by renewable energy. This said, all the energy reduction and production sources are covered by the course, where each level and importance is highlighted.

660211 History of Architecture (1) (3 Cr. Hrs)

The study starts from the old architecture of ancient civilization such as; Nile valley, Mesopotamia, Latin America, and South East Asia, until the classical eras of Greeks and Romans, with indication to the various influences which affected the development of architectural thought and mode.

660212 History of Architecture (2) (3 Cr. Hrs)

A continuation of History of Architecture (1), it covers the development of architecture from the dawn of Christianity through the Byzantine period, the middle Ages, down to the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo. 

660265 Computer Aided Design (2) (2Cr. Hrs)

An extension to course Computer Aided Design (1). It concentrates on 3D computer drawings, handling surfaces, solids, material editing, lighting settings, backgrounds etc. It also deals with the utilization of other related programs.

Advanced computer skills (3Cr. Hrs)

The course introduces BIM concepts through providing training for student in operating Rivet program, to enable the students to simulate their design projects through the computer using Rivet

660354Architectural Design (5) (4Cr. Hrs)

The Introductory in this course continues with greater emphasis on functional aspects involved in complex design situations as theater. Examination of the issues rose in precedent design and begins investigation of more complex issues related to building design and environmental context.  Emphasis is placed on developing the student skills in dealing with climate, topography and services of the building in design.

660355Architectural Design (6) (4Cr. Hrs)

Continuation of (660354) projects more complex than the precedent course.

660359 Working Drawing (3Cr. Hrs)

The study of working drawing concept and its importance on construction & contract process, enabling students to prepare all drawings & details to build an integrated building, by learning how to present their projects according to local building codes.

660343   Islamic Architecture (3Cr. Hrs)

The development of Architecture in the Islamic world from the dawn of Islam till recently. Analysis of elements, methods and functions of Islamic architecture including contemporary development in various Islamic regions. Emphasis on recent experiment which intend to achieve the continuity of Islamic architecture.

660314 Theories of Contemporary Architecture (1) (3Cr. Hrs)

This course is concerned with the development of architecture since the industrial revolution till the present day, while tracking its roots since the age of Enlightenment. The course presents movements and trends in Architecture, architects and buildings of the period, and covers the role of the Social, Economic, and Political transformations, and their effects on the development of visions, the development of materials and technology toward Modernity and beyond.

660456 Architectural Design (7) (4Cr. Hrs)

Design of public complex buildings such as: offices, hotels, and hospitals, with emphasis on urban context. Design problems of increasing structural and service complexity will be set with full opportunity, coordination, collection and analysis of data. Emphasis will be on preparation of design progress, preparing drawings and details.

660457Architectural Design (8) (4Cr. Hrs)

Design complex building for investment like tourist villages, Airport facilities commercial building, cultural centers (cinema, theater, library, lecture hall…..) Using the modern technology in design.  Lectures in design methodology, case studies, preparing basic studies for the project that will be designed.

660415 Behavior in Architecture (3Cr. Hrs)

Introducing social and environmental human sciences, with emphasis on the Environment impact, as prime factor, on human behavior. Then the influence of the sociological and psychological output on architectural design. The perception and realization processes of the 2D & 3D forms. Finally, discussing sensuous, symbolism for architectural forms.

660442 Building Specifications & Profession Fundamental (3Cr. Hrs)

The principles of professional practice that determine the Architect’s responsibilities practice and jobs and his relationships with concerned private and official parties in building construction principles of (private, design, consulting) administration, the estimate cost and CBM. In addition to quantity bills, specification of materials, different buildings, structural and non-structural elements, in accordance with the prepared working drawings, and included details.

660331 Town Planning (3Cr. Hrs)

This course defines the general meaning of the subject and levels of planning, i.e., national, regional and urban level, with a discussion to the socio-economic and physical factor, and their prime impact on the planning process.  Historical background of urban development since the earlier civilization of Nile Valley and Mesopotamia take place, with reference to the influential factors on those developments. The planning discussions continue throughout the successive periods until the reaching to the theories and techniques applied in modern town planning.

660581 Engineering Projects (1) (3Cr. Hrs)

Creates data base, that any project for graduation depends on, by adapting scientific method's of clear architectural thought which enable the student to approach means for forming the project programs, thus to advance and finally obtains best alternative.

660499 Engineering Training (3Cr. Hrs)

After the completion of 110 C.H. the students should find a certified place to practice their acquired knowledge and have a feeling of the real world practice. 

660582 Engineering Project (2) (6Cr. Hrs)

The student should submit fully developed design of his best proposed concept.  Complete comprehensive design including detailed analytical data, solutions and fully developed presentations which influence the output of his project.

660332 Landscape Architecture (3Cr. Hrs)

This course comprises basic knowledge about landscape design with its general philosophical and specific functional concepts, the historical development part, the landform influences and types, plants uses in design, the geometric and naturalistic forms of design, sustainable treatments of landforms and principles of organization to achieve harmony, unity, rhythm etc. The students utilize different techniques, including hand sketching and relative computer programs to execute selected projects.

Elective Courses

660592 Illumination and Acoustics (3Cr. Hrs)

Study the natural, artificial lighting in the buildings. Study acoustics principles, acoustics isolation, lighting and acoustics measuring instruments.

660416 Theories of Contemporary Architecture (2) (3Cr. Hrs)

The course is dedicated for the traditional and contemporary of Architecture in Jordan and the Arabic countries, since the 20th century till present day, with a distinction between traditional and historic architecture, and introduces Jordanian and Arab architects. The course covers the effects of the Social, Economic, and Political transformations on the Arabic Movement toward Modernity and beyond.

660517 Building Conservation/spatial topics in architecture (2Cr. Hrs)

An introduction to the preservation policies, the evolution of conservation theory, philosophy and practice, conservation planning and management, In addition to processes and methods implemented to preserve historic and cultural sites.