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Marketing Principles 0350110

This course aims at introducing the student to the basic of the marketing concepts. Students are exposed to strategic planning, marketing environment , exploring social responsibility and ethics in marketing , determining target markets, consumer behavior , product concepts , marketing channels , integrated marketing communication , and pricing concepts. As will as, to use the core marketing concepts to identify and respond to unsatisfied market needs. And to be able to design a customized marketing mix based on a comprehensive knowledge of consumer behavior and the marketing

Sales Management 0350211

This course introduces students to the principles of management and its applications in the sales process. It also deals with the methods of zoning. It also deals with personal sales as a main part of the sales department and discusses the methods of selecting and training the sales force as an important element of the sales department.

Marketing  Health 0350240

This course covers the perspective of the healthcare marketing professional and presents a series of essential marketing tools and demonstrates their application in the healthcare environment. There are three major parts to this curriculum: healthcare marketing: history and concepts; understanding healthcare markets; and healthcare marketing techniques.

Marketing Tourism 0350245

This course covers Introduction: marketing for hospitality and tourism, Service characteristics of hospitality and tourism marketing, the role of MKG in strategic planning. The marketing environment Marketing information system and MKG Research, Consumer market an consumer behavior. Organizational buying behavior of group market, Market segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Consumer Behavior 0350312

This course covers introduction  consumer behavior consumer behavior , concepts , human needs and desires , factors that influence consumer behavior , decision making process for new product , communication and consumer behavior , psychological , social and cultural values and the role of regulations and consumer protection association.

Marketing Communication 0350313

This course covers A Board Introduction To marketing communications And Theories That Will Help students To differentiate between different kinds of multimedia and advertising tools, Communication Mix,  Print Media Advertising, Active Media, TV, Radio, Cinema, Outdoor Advertising,  Public Relation & Corporate Image, Branding, Packaging, Merchandising. Managing Exhibitions And Trade Events, Direct And Data Base Marketing,  Sales Promotion, Personal Selling and 21st Century Marketing Communications

Marketing Management  0350320

This course covers from strategic perspective the evolution of marketing management and its main functions , Marketing Micro and Macro environment , Market segmentation and target markets , products classifications and management , Marketing mix and operations and finally marketing functions from planning , directing , implanting and auditing.

Pricing Polices 0350371

This course aims at introducing the student to the basic of the pricing concepts. Students are exposed to pricing strategies, pricing environment, determining pricing objectives, pricing concepts, marketing channels, integrated marketing communication, and pricing concepts.

Supply chain management and logistics 0350322

To Provide Student With A Board Introduction To purchasing and storing concepts And Theories That Will Help marketers To Understand The approaches of buying and storing products .  markets In Order To Take Actual Business Decisions.

Customer Relations Management 0350332

This course provides an overview of CRM strategies and applications by designing a detailed customer database and mechanisms to establish long-term relationships to maintain customers and create loyalty to the organization to maintain existing customers and acquire new clients and also achieve excellence in front of Competitors.

Marketing Services 0350314

This course provides an overview of service marketing, Consumer Behavior in service Encounters, Positioning Service In Competitive Markets, Creating The Service Product, Designing the communication mix for service, Pricing and Revenue Management, Distributing services, Designing and managing service processes, Balancing Demand  And Capacity, Planning The Service Environment, Managing People For Service Advantage and Managing Relationships And Building Loyalty

Business Marketing 0350344

This course deals with the other aspect of marketing work, which relates to marketing from the organization to the organization or the so-called marketing in business organizations, which focuses on the main concepts of the business market, as well as on business products (industrial products), marketing methods and developing appropriate strategies to deal with them.

Financial and Services Marketing 0350343

This course aims to provide the student with marketing concepts in the field of banking services by identifying and identifying the variables and environmental factors that can be controlled by the bank's management, knowledge of the different bases that can be followed to divide the banking market, Follow them and finally identify the concept and methods of control of marketing activity in banks.

Marketing Strategies 0350421

Introducing the student to the modern concept of marketing strategies and functions as well as developing the student skills in the preparation of marketing plans in various stages and levels in the use of computerized systems and databases supporting the preparation of marketing plans and teaching the student to deal with the field in the collection of information for the preparation of marketing plans.

International Marketing 0350423

This course aims to introduce the student to key international marketing concepts, theories, and applications. Students are expected to thoroughly comprehend the impact of international marketing and its activities on firms and societies on one hand, and to be able to suitably select and apply international marketing strategies.

Current Marketing Issues 0350433

This course discusses modern marketing topics and emerging issues in the field of biotechnology through research, discussion and writing specialized researches in these subjects and fields according to the scientific method.

Brand Strategy 0350222

The course aims at providing students with the concepts related to brands, their importance, their role, ways of protecting them from imitation, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills for how to manage and build brands, and identifying the most important strategies in building, Which helps marketing management maximize value for the organization and the customer.
Marketing through social networks 0350231

This course aims to provide the students with the concepts related to this type of marketing and the process of winning customers through the website or social networking sites. How to create content that attracts customers' attention and encourage them to participate in promoting products on social networks, in order to automatically reach customers and how to update or publish content electronically.

Green Marketing 0350241

This course aims to provide students with the concept of green marketing and environmental development and the historical development of the concept of green marketing, its dimensions, objectives, importance and requirements, the advantages of adopting green marketing and how to deal with various environmental issues. The course covers topics related to marketing and marketing orientations related to green products, External and internal

Public Relation in Marketing 0350315

This course aims at introducing the concept of marketing public relations, its importance, objectives and principles, with a focus on organizing, planning and evaluating public relations activities in marketing and communication means. It also aims at explaining the other topics related to marketing crisis management and how to address it.

Entrepreneurship in Marketing 0350443

This course aims at introducing the concept of Entrepreneurship in marketing and its characteristics, its importance in the national economy, explaining the concept of small business and its legal nature, introducing pricing strategy, marketing communication, promotion of sales, advertising and marketing information systems, as well as explaining the marketing dimensions of marketing and the possibility of implementing marketing strategies that contribute to the acquisition of customers Of the Organization.