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Deanship of Scientific Research

As a major component in Philadelphia's university mission, the scientific research has got a special care and treatment and considered as the corner stone of the university's policies. This is due to that it is essential for nation's activities development and prospering its economies.

Being part of PU that is aimed to be a leading university not only in Jordan but also in the region, thus it is not only commits to research and development and to elevate the research capabilities of its staff, but also contributes through the collaboration with international institutions, the research projects, the publications in a well reputation journals and conference attending supports.

In 1995 the scientific research council was formed to establish the research regulations and guidelines. This is to do the utmost effort to enhance the research activities and its effectiveness. In order to organize and support research at PU where the University allocated a special budget to develop and support scientific research. Therefore, to achieve the goal towards excellence in the areas of expertise, the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies (SR-GS) was established in 2001.

The support provided by the university is cleared by the allocation of 5% of its budget (at least) for research activities and graduate study scholarships; includes internally funded projects, book writing grants, faculties research grants in addition to the in-kind contribution to the externally funded projects. Moreover, the Scientific Research Council has increased its direct support for research by 131% and is committed to support sustainable research in all areas in the academic year 2014-2015. Furthermore, and in order to achieve the university's goal, collaboration is a vital role in the scientific research and graduate studies faculty mission. Thus, it has a link with national and international institutions to support the research projects, such as the higher council of science and technology and the scientific research support funds.

The scientific research and graduate studies faculty counts on the university's researchers and students to reach its goal of EXCELLENCE; thank you all.

Professor Abdulmutallab Yousef Jaber

Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

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