Department of Mechatronics Engineering [Course Description]



Electrical Circuits (1) (3C, 3H)

Definitions and Units. Basic Concepts (Charge, Current, Voltage, Power Energy). Circuit Elements (Independent and Dependent Voltage and Current Sources. Resistors. Capacitors. Inductors). KVL and KCL. Mesh and Nodal Circuit Analysis. Network Theorems. Transient Analysis of RL, RC, and RLC Circuits. Introduction to AC Circuits

Pre. Physics (211104)


Electrical Circuits (2) (3C, 3H)

Periodic waveforms. AC response of RL. RC and RLC circuits. Phasor analysis. Impedance concept. Resonance. Steady State analysis of AC circuits. Coupled circuits. Three Phase circuits. Fourier analysis. laplace analysis. Two-Port networks. Circuit analysis using computers.

Pre. Electrical Circuits (1) (610211)


Engineering drawing(3C, 3H)

Instruments and their use, Graphic geometry, Lettering, Orthographic and isometric drawing and sketching, Sectional views, Introduction to descriptive geometry, Surface intersections and developments, Computer (ACAD).


Statics(3C, 3H)

Introduction to mechanics of rigid bodies, Basic concepts: force and displacement vectors, Force systems, Equivalent force systems, Static equilibrium, Analysis of simple structures, Friction, Geometric properties: centroids and moments of inertia.

Pre. Math(1) (210101)


Strength of Materials (2C, 2H)

Stress and strain axial loading, pure bending, shear stresses, transformation of stresses and strain, moher's circles and principle stresses and strain, deflection of beam and shafts.

Pre. Statics (620211)      


Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Technology (3C, 3H)

Fundamental of mechanical behavior of material, Structure and manufacturing properties of metal-Phase diagrams and heat treatment, Casting processes, Bulk deformation processes: forging, drawing, rolling, and extrusion. Sheet metal forming processes: blanking, piercing. Metal removal processes: Turning, drilling, milling, shaping, broaching.

Pre. Strength of Materials (620217)           


Thermofluids (3C, 3H)

Introduction to first and second law of thermodynamics, modes of heat transfer, one-dimensional conduction heat transfer, Introduction to convection heat transfer, Boiling and condensation, Internal flow heat exchangers

Fluid and gas properties, Equation of: continuity, Momentum and Energy. Introduction to Boundary layer theory. Introduction to viscous fluid flow. Turbomachinery.

Pre. Statics (620211) + Engineering Analysis I (650201)


Mechanics and Vibrations Laboratory (1C, 3H)                           

Experiments related to the material covered in Dynamics and Vibrations.

Pre. Dynamics and Vibrations (620472)


Dynamics and Vibrations (3C, 3H)            

Equilibrium of rigid bodies and Newton’s second low, rotational motion, kinematics of rigid bodies, kinetics of rigid bodies, work and energy, impulse and momentum. Free and damped vibrations, harmonically excited motion, rotating and reciprocating unbalance, vibration measurements.

Pre. Statics (620211)


Logic Circuits (3C, 3H)

Number Systems: Decimal Binary. Octal. and Hexadecimal. Boolean Algebra: Basic identities and Algebraic Manipulation. Map Simplification. Combinational Circuits Design With MSI Components. Sequential Circuits Analysis and Design. MSI Counters and Registers.

Pre. Programming languages (630203)


Electrical Engineering Laboratory (1C, 3H)

Experiments included: AC Current Circuits. Kirchof’s Law. Network Analysis. Resistance Theory. Power Measuring.

Pre. Electrical Circuits (1) (610211)


Programming for Mechatronics Laboratory (1C, 3H)

 Mechatronics application computer Packages, and mechatronics application programming with C++

Pre. Programming languages (630203)


Power Electronics and Drives (3C, 3H)

Steady State Specifications For SCR Devices. Triggering circuits. Correct Methods for SCR Devices. Rectification circuits with different Loads. AC Voltage Controller. DC Voltage Controller. AC to DC Converter (Inverter). Wave Transformer Application. TRIAC Device Application.

Pre. Electronics Engineering Laboratory (650227)


Electric Machines for Mechatronics (3C, 3H)

Transformers. Single Phase & Three Phase Transformers. DC Current Motors & Generators. Single Phase & Three Phase Motors & Generators. AC Current Motors & Generators. Induction Motors & Generators. Synchronounce Motors & Generators.

 Pre. Electronics Engineering (650222)


Electric Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory (1C, 3H)

Experiments Included: Transformers. DC current Motors & Generators. Single Phase & Three Phase Generators & Motors. Synchronounce Motors & Generators. AC Motors.

 Pro. Power Electronics and Drives (640324) + Electric Machines for Mechatronics (640325)


Mechanics of  Machinery (3C, 3H)                                    

Position analysis, mechanisms, and velocity and acceleration analysis by vector, analytical, graphical and loop closure methods. Cam design spur bevel and helical gears. Gear trains. Force analysis, static and dynamic balance of rotors. Synthesis of linkage, spatial mechanisms.

Pre. Dynamics and Vibrations (620472)


Mechanical  Design (3C, 3H)                                         

Introduction to design processes, Fit and tolerance,  Review of stress and deflection analysis, Prevention of failure due to static loads, Prevention of failure due to fatigue and dynamic loads, Threaded connections and fasteners, Welded and riveted joints, Mechanical springs, Design of shafts and pulleys, Rolling and sliding bearings, Gear design, Friction drives, Flexible mechanical elements.

Pre. Mechanics of  Machinery (640352) + Strength of Materials (620217)


Sensors & Actuators (3C, 3H)                    

Review of statistical methods – Sensors characteristics ( Static- Dynamic)-

Sensors for measurements of (displacement, speed, acceleration, force, pressure, flow, level, thermal, proximity, & etc…) – Signal Conditioning – Actuators ( Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic,& Electrical ).

Pre. Electronics Engineering (650222)


Engr.  Project 1(1C, 3H)

Applied Projects Included Mechanical Design , Electronics, Control & Programming

Pre. Electronics Engineering (650222) + Engr. Workshop II (620163)


Reverse Engineering (3C, 3H)

Reverse engineering methodology, design vs. redesign, assembly vs. disassembly, schematics analysis, measurement and data collection, customer requirements, prototype building and modification

Pre. Engr.  Project 1 (640390)


Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems (3C, 3H)    

Fluid systems – Properties of hydraulic fluids- Components of  hydraulic systems- Components of  Pneumatic  systems – Hydraulic circuits – Pneumatic circuits – Electrical control  of hydraulic & pneumatic circuits – P.L.C. Control of  hydraulic & pneumatic circuits.

Pre. Sensors & Actuators (640364) + Thermofluids (620343)


Digital Control (3C, 3H)

Discrete System Analysis (Transfer Function, Z-Transform, and Stability), Discrete Equivalents (Numerical Integration, Zero-Pole mapping, and Hold), Design using Transform Techniques ( Emulation, Root Locus, and Frequency Response), Introduction to Design using State Space Methods

Pre. Automatic Control Systems (640461)


Automatic Control Systems (3 C, 3H)                                

­­­­­­­Introduction to Feedback System, Review ­of Systems mathematical back ground , modeling of physical systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, thermal systems, block diagram reduction technique and Signal Flow Graphs. Transient response and steady state error,, Routh's Stability Criterion. ­The ­Root Locus Method,. Frequency response methods (Nyquist and bode diagram), different type of controllers, methods of Compensation Techniques, Introduction to Sampled Control System.

Pre. Modeling & Simulation (640465)


Modeling & Simulation (3C, 3H)               

Modeling definition (H.W/S.W)- principles of physical systems modeling (Mechanical –Fluid – Thermal – electrical – Bio)- Computer simulation techniques- applications using one or more of the available  software packages. 

Pre. Sensors & Actuators (640364) + Dynamics and Vibrations (620472)


Automatic Control Laboratory (1C, 3H)              

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Open and Closed Loop System, ­Servomechanism ­Principles. ­The Effect of proportional gain, Integral Control, Derivative Control and Velocity Feedback on System, Performance, ­Frequency ­Response ­Measurement.

Pre. Automatic Control Systems (640461) + Electronics Engineering Laboratory (650227)


Microprocessors & Transducers Lab (1C, 3H)

Experiments related to the various topics in mechatronics especially to material covered in 640364+640476

Pre. Sensors & Actuators (640364)+ Microprocessors systems (640476)


 Machine Intelligence  (3C, 3H)                             

Introduction to neural networks, expert systems, Fuzzy logic, Robotics control, Image processing,  industrial applications for machine intelligence, new trends in machine intelligence  

Pre. Automatic Control Systems (640461) + Programming languages (630203)


Programmable Logic Controllers (3C, 3H)     

Programmable logic controllers architecture, Input/output devices, Input/output process and addressing, programming using ladder diagram, Internal relays, Timers, Counters, Shift registers, Data handling, Instruction list, function block diagram, applications, test and debugging.

Pre. Microprocessors systems (640476)


Microprocessors & Microcontrollers (3C, 3H)                  

General ­­­­­­­Microcontroller ­Architecture. PIC16F84 ­Architecture, ­Instruction ­Set, and Assembly Language. Programming PIC16F84 with applications to mechatronic systems.  Special Function Registers, I/O Potrs, RAM/ROM, Timers, and Interrupts. 8085 microprocessor architecture and assembly language programming

Pre. Logic Circuits (630261), Sensors & Actuators (640364)


Mechatronics Systems Design (3C, 3H)

General Diagram of Mechatronics System. Design Methodology, Different Control Method for Mechatronics System (PLC – Microprocessor). Actuators Selections, Sensors Selections, Interfacing Systems & Electronics Connections.

Pre. Programmable Logic Controllers (640475) + Automatic Control Systems (640461)  


Engr.   Project (2) (1C)                            

The student should attach himself to one or more faculty members who assign him a project; He analyses this project and suggests a method to carry out the project in the next stage.

Pre. Reverse Engineering (640397)


Engr.   Project (3) (2C)                                        

Based on the results obtained from the first stage, the student carries out the project

Pre: Engr.  Project 2 (640501)


Robotics and Automation (3C, 3H)                                       

Introduction to Robot system components, Sensors & actuators in a robot system ,robot specification and data sheets,  Linear control of manipulators, Nonlinear control of manipulators, Microprocessor control, Trajectory planning & control, Robot programming languages, Robot vision.

Pre. Programmable Logic Controllers (640475) + Automatic Control Systems (640461)  


Mechatronics Systems Design lab(1C, 3H)

The Mechatronics Design Lab focuses on application of theoretical principles in electrical and computer engineering to control mechatronic systems incorporating sensors, actuators and intelligence. This Lab. gives the student a chance to use his knowledge of (or learn about) power electronics, filtering and signal processing, control, electro mechanics, microcontrollers, and real-time embedded software in designing certain mechatronic system. The Lab.  requires students to consider real-world constraints such as limited volume, payload, electrical power, processing power and time. Written reports will be required justifying design choices. Grading will be based upon design checkpoints, the reports and a final exam.

Pre. Mechatronics Systems Design (640488)


Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (3C, 3H)                                             

Fundamentals of hardware and software, Solid modeling, Transformation, rotation, Scaling, windowing, simulation and animation of mechanical problems, Optimal synthesis and selection of machine elements, Applications and individual problems, Implementation of CAD-package for visualization, Simulation & animation of specific types of machine units. Basic concepts of  CNC and , DNC, Programming CNC milling using G code, Programming CNC lathe using G code, APT programming.

Pre : Programmable Logic Controllers (640475)


Automation and Fluids Control Laboratory (1C, 3H)

Experiments Included Subjects For Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems Course.

Pre. Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems (640444) + Measurements & microcontroller Lab (640468)


Signal Processing for Mechatronics (2C, 2H)

This course introduces signal processing, with an emphasis on digital signal processing, from the perspective of mechatronics, providing the theoretical and practical framework for understanding signal processing algorithms, architectures, and applications. Basic concepts for signal analysis, including signal presentation, time and frequency domains, spectral analysis, and noise are introduced. Components of signal processing, such as systems, filters, correlators and convolvers, and adaptive processes are defined. Architectures and algorithms, including fast algorithms for Fourier transforms, correlation, convolution, spectral estimation, graphical techniques, and DSP processor devices are presented. Students will complete several homework problem sets and a term project, and will program using Matlab.

Pre. Digital Control (640460)


Electronics Engineering (3C, 3H)

Semiconductors Theory. Bipolar Semiconductors. Bipolar Diodes Circuit & Application. Transistor Specification. Small Signal Analysis. Transistor Theory & Application. Amplifiers. 

Pre. Electric Circuit 1 (610211)


Electronics Engineering Laboratory (1C, 3H)

Experiments included: Diodes Specification. Diodes Application. Zener Diode Application. Transistor Specification. Small Signal Analysis using Operational Amplifiers. 

Pre. Electronics Engineering (650222)


Fractional Small Machines(3C, 3H)

Servo motor, Permanent magnet, stepper motor, brushless DC motor, Switched

reluctance motor, synchronize machines.

Pre. Electric Machines for Mechatronics (640325)


Embedded Computing Systems (3C, 3H)

Overview of embedded systems theory and architecture. Programming embedded processors and controllers

Pre. Microprocessors systems (640476)


Real Time Systems (3C, 3H)

Introduction to real-time systems. Concepts of computer control : Hardware requirements for real-time systems. Real-time computer control. Languages for real-time applications. Real-time software & program design. Operating systems for real-time applications.

Pre. Automatic Control (640461)


Electric Drive Systems (3C, 3H)

Analysis and design of electric motor drives. Major topics include: rectifier drives, chopper drives, voltage-controlled drives, slip-energy recovery drives, voltage-source inverter drives, current-course inverter drives and cycloconverter drives. Analysis of the steady-state operation of drive systems that provides the specifications of suitable converters and machines for the speed and position controls.

Pre. Electric Machines for Mechatronics (640325)


Process control (3C, 3H)

A basic study of open and closed-loop automatic control theory. Pneumatic, electronic (Analog), and digital electronic controllers are studied and applied to specific processes. Transmitters, positioners, valve operators, and controller mechanisms which produce proportional, rate, and reset responses are studied. Techniques of obtaining optimal controller settings are studied.

Pre. Automatic Control (640461)


Data Acquisition Systems (3C, 3H)

This course should provide students with the knowledge required to specify, evaluate and use a wide variety of data acquisition systems in laboratory and field applications. Basic principles of sampling and digitizing theory are presented and reinforced with practical examples from everyday testing operations. Emphasis is placed on understanding the theoretical concepts through practical mechatronic systems rather than mathematics.

Pre. Modeling & Simulation (640465)


Special Topics in Mechatronics (3C, 3H)

Modern Subjects in Mechatronics Engineering ( Choosing by Department)

Pre. Department Approval


Electronics 2 (3C, 3H)    

Multi-stage amplifiers. Power amplifiers. Single-stage amplifier frequency response.

Difference amplifiers. Operational amplifiers. Feedback amplifiers and oscillators.

Pre. Electronics (650222)


Digital Electronics 2 (3C, 3H)

Semiconductors Devices & Conversion Specification. Memory Elements & Types. Timers Circuits. Signal Transformation (ADC – DAC)

Pre. Electronics (650222)