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1 The Book Whisperer Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child by Donalyn Miller Information
2 The Shame of the Nation The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America by Jonathan Kozol Information
3 Educating Esmé Diary of a Teachers First Year by Esmé Raji Codell Information
4 Letters to a Young Teacher by Jonathan Kozol Information
5 The Underground History of American Education An Intimate Investigation Into the Prison of by John Taylor Gatto Information
6 The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell Information
7 The Daily Five by Gail Boushey Information
8 Reign of Error The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to by Diane Ravitch Information
9 Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning by Douglas Wilson Information
10 There Are No Shortcuts by Rafe Esquith Information
11 Amazing Grace The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation by Jonathan Kozol Information
12 In the Middle New Understandings about Writing Reading and Learning by Nancie Atwell Information
13 I Am Malala The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by Malala Yousafzai Information
14 The CAFE Book Engaging All Students in Daily Literary Assessment and Instruction by Gail Boushey Information
15 The Schools Our Children Deserve Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and Tougher Standards by Alfie Kohn Information
16 Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller Information
17 The Teenage Liberation Handbook How to Quit School and Get a Real Life by Grace Llewellyn Information
18 The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori Information
19 The Art of Teaching Reading by Lucy McCormick Calkins Information
20 The Unschooling Handbook How to Use the Whole World as Your Childs Classroom by Mary Griffith Information
21 For the Childrens Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay Information
22 Fires in the Bathroom Advice for Teachers from High School Students by Kathleen Cushman Information
23 The Reading Zone How to Help Kids Become Skilled Passionate Habitual Critical Readers by Nancie Atwell Information
24 A Charlotte Mason Companion Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning by Karen Andreola Information
25 Multiplication Is for White People Raising Expectations for Other Peoples Children by Lisa Delpit Information
26 Teach Like a Pirate Increase Student Engagement Boost Your Creativity and Transform Your by Dave Burgess Information
27 The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth Popularity Quirk Theory and Why Outsiders Thrive by Alexandra Robbins Information
28 The Case for Classical Christian Education by Douglas Wilson Information
29 Multiple Intelligences New Horizons in Theory and Practice by Howard Gardner Information
30 Honey for a Childs Heart The Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life by Gladys Hunt Information
31 Free to Learn Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children by Peter Gray Information
32 Boys Adrift The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and by Leonard Sax Information
33 Pathways to the Common Core Accelerating Achievement by Lucy McCormick Calkins Information
34 Summerhill A Radical Approach to Child Rearing by A.S. Neill Information
35 Montessori The Science Behind the Genius by Angeline Stoll Lillard Information
36 Focus Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning by Mike Schmoker Information
37 Guerrilla Learning How to Give Your Kids a Real Education With or Without by Grace Llewellyn Information
38 The Teacher Wars A History of Americas Most Embattled Profession by Dana Goldstein Information
39 Endangered Minds Why Children Dont Think And What We Can Do About It by Jane M. Healy Information
40 The Skin That We Speak Thoughts on Language and Culture in the Classroom by Lisa D. Delpit Information
41 Beyond Discipline From Compliance to Community by Alfie Kohn Information
42 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny Life Lessons from Teaching by Phillip Done Information
43 Class Warfare Inside the Fight to Fix Americas Schools by Steven Brill Information
44 How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber Information
45 Teaching with the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen Information
46 Igniting a Passion for Reading Successful Strategies for Building Lifetime Readers by Steven L. Layne Information
47 Words Their Way Word Study for Phonics Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction Book CD by Donald R. Bear Information
48 First Six Weeks of SchoolThe by Paula Denton Information
49 Lighting Their Fires Raising Extraordinary Children in a Mixed up Muddled up Shook by Rafe Esquith Information
50 Fire in the Ashes Twenty Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America by Jonathan Kozol Information
51 Integrating Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design Connecting Content and Kids by Carol Ann Tomlinson Information
52 The Schools We Need And Why We Dont Have Them by E.D. Hirsch Jr. Information
53 A Mind at a Time by Mel Levine Information
54 Tested One American School Struggles to Make the Grade by Linda Perlstein Information
55 Mechanically Inclined Building Grammar Usage and Style into Writers Workshop by Jeff Anderson Information
56 Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Anthony Esolen Information
57 Pedagogy of Freedom Ethics Democracy and Civic Courage by Paulo Freire Information
58 Mini Lessons for Literature Circles by Harvey Daniels Information
59 A Charlotte Mason Education A Home Schooling How To Manual by Catherine Levison Information
60 Walking on Water Reading Writing and Revolution by Derrick Jensen Information
61 Overcoming Dyslexia A New and Complete Science Based Program for Reading Problems at by Sally E. Shaywitz Information
62 Waiting for SUPERMAN A Participant Media Guide by Karl Weber Information
63 Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart Information
64 Death at an Early Age by Jonathan Kozol Information
65 The Knowledge Deficit Closing the Shocking Education Gap for American Children by E.D. Hirsch Jr. Information
66 See Me After Class Advice for Teachers by Teachers by Roxanna Elden Information
67 The End of Molasses Classes Getting Our Kids Unstuck 101 Extraordinary Solutions for by Ron Clark Information
68 Totto chan The Little Girl at the Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi Information
69 Differentiated Classroom Responding to the Need of All Learners by Carol Ann Tomlinson Information
70 Notebook Know How Strategies for the Writers Notebook by Aimee Buckner Information
71 The English Teachers Companion A Complete Guide to Classroom Curriculum and the Profession by Jim Burke Information
72 The Talent Code Unlocking the Secret of Skill in Sports Art Music Math by Daniel Coyle Information
73 Catching Up or Leading the Way American Education in the Age of Globalization by Yong Zhao Information
74 Free Range Learning How Homeschooling Changes Everything by Laura Grace Weldon Information
75 Book Love Developing Depth Stamina and Passion in Adolescent Readers by Penny Kittle Information
76 Teachers Have It Easy The Big Sacrifices And Small Salaries Of Americas Teachers by Daniel Moulthrop Information
77 How To Talk So Kids Can Learn by Adele Faber Information
78 Home Learning Year by Year How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool by Rebecca Rupp Information
79 A Mathematicians Lament How School Cheats Us Out of Our Most Fascinating and by Paul Lockhart Information
80 Climbing Parnassus A New Apologia for Greek and Latin by Tracy Lee Simmons Information
81 Leadership Education The Phases of Learning by Oliver DeMille Information
82 The Disciplined Mind Beyond Facts and Standardized Tests the K 12 Education That by Howard Gardner Information
83 Montessori from the Start The Child at Home from Birth to Age Three by Paula Polk Lillard Information
84 Teaching Montessori in the Home The Pre School Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock Information
85 Project Based Homeschooling Mentoring Self Directed Learners by Lori McWilliam Pickert Information
86 In Schools We Trust Creating Communities of Learning in an Era of Testing by Deborah Meier Information
87 Why School? by Mike Rose Information
88 Feel Bad Education And Other Contrarian Essays on Children and Schooling by Alfie Kohn Information
89 Why Gender Matters What Parents and Teachers Need to Know about the Emerging by Leonard Sax Information
90 I Wont Learn from You And Other Thoughts on Creative Maladjustment by Herbert R. Kohl Information
91 The Excellent 11 Qualities Teachers and Parents Use to Motivate Inspire and Educate by Ron Clark Information
92 Left Back A Century of Failed School Reforms by Diane Ravitch Information
93 Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? Content Comprehension Grades 6 12 by Cris Tovani Information
94 What Really Matters for Struggling Readers Designing Research Based Programs by Richard L. Allington Information
95 Classroom Management That Works Research Based Strategies for Every Teacher by Robert J. Marzano Information
96 A Chance to Make History What Works and What Doesnt in Providing an by Wendy Kopp Information
97 Tinkering Toward Utopia A Century of Public School Reform by David Tyack Information
98 The Way They Learn by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias Information
99 Mindstorms Children Computers And Powerful Ideas by Seymour Papert Information
100 Teach with Your Heart Lessons I Learned from the Freedom Writers by Erin Gruwell Information

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