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501 The Witch Hunt in Early Modern Europe by Brian P. Levack Information
502 Fra Svartedauden Til Wienerkongressen Den Vesterlandske Kulturkretsens Historie 1347 1815 I Et Globalt by Finn Fuglestad Information
503 The Border Lord and the Lady The Border Chronicles 4 by Bertrice Small Information
504 The Malleus Maleficarum and the Construction of Witchcraft Studies in Early Modern European by Hans Peter Broedel Information
505 The Murder in the Tower Stuart Saga 3 by Jean Plaidy Information
506 Lucrezia Borgia A Novel by John Faunce Information
507 Miniature Book of Hours Vatican Apostolic Library94 by Marcel Thomas Information
508 The Hours of Catherine of Cleves by John Plummer Information
509 The Wealth of Wives Women Law and Economy in Late Medieval London by Barbara A. Hanawalt Information
510 The Limbourg Brothers Nijmegen Masters at the French Court 1400 1416 by Rob Duckers Information
511 The Art of Illumination The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean by Timothy Bates Husband Information
512 The Tres Riches Heures of Jean Duke of Berry by Musee Conde Chantilly Information
513 The Celys and Their World An English Merchant Family of the Fifteenth Century by Alison Hanham Information
514 The Majesty of Spain Royal Collections from The Museo del Prado and The by The Mississippi Arts Pavilion Information
515 The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi by Jacqueline Holt Park Information
516 The White Queen by Lesley J. Nickell Information
517 The Wrong Plantagenet Lovell Duo 2 by Marian Palmer Information
518 Malory The Knight Who Became King Arthurs Chronicler by Christina Hardyment Information
519 Rosamund The Friarsgate Inheritance 1 by Bertrice Small Information
520 Princes Of Sandastre by Antony Swithin Information
521 The Maiden and the Unicorn by Isolde Martyn Information
522 Marie de Bourgogne by Georges-Henri Dumont Information
523 Price of a Princess Mary Stewart 1 by Nigel Tranter Information
524 Richard Plantagenet by Brenda Clarke Information
525 The Adventures of Alianore Audley by Brian Wainwright Information
526 Vainglory by Geraldine McCaughrean Information
527 A Play of Treachery Joliffe the Player 5 by Margaret Frazer Information
528 A Play of Lords Joliffe the Player 4 by Margaret Frazer Information
529 A Play of Dux Moraud Joliffe the Player 2 by Margaret Frazer Information
530 A Play of Knaves Joliffe the Player 3 by Margaret Frazer Information
531 Holy Feast and Holy Fast The Religious Significance of Food to Medieval Women by Caroline Walker Bynum Information
532 Tudor Agent Henry Morane 2 by Robert Farrington Information
533 The Traitors of Bosworth Henry Morane 3 by Robert Farrington Information
534 The Killing of Richard the Third Henry Morane 1 by Robert Farrington Information
535 Dirge for a Doge Sigismondo 6 by Elizabeth Eyre Information
536 Axe for an Abbot Sigismondo 5 by Elizabeth Eyre Information
537 Bravo for the Bride Sigismondo 3 by Elizabeth Eyre Information
538 Poison for the Prince Sigismondo 4 by Elizabeth Eyre Information
539 Curtains for the Cardinal Sigismondo 2 by Elizabeth Eyre Information
540 Death of a Duchess Sigismondo 1 by Elizabeth Eyre Information
541 Caprice and Rondo The House of Niccolò 7 by Dorothy Dunnett Information
542 To Lie with Lions The House of Niccolò 6 by Dorothy Dunnett Information
543 Scales of Gold The House of Niccolò 4 by Dorothy Dunnett Information
544 The Stolen Voice Gil Cunningham 6 by Pat McIntosh Information
545 The Rough Collier Gil Cunningham 5 by Pat McIntosh Information
546 St Mungos Robin Gil Cunningham 4 by Pat McIntosh Information
547 The Merchants Mark Gil Cunningham 3 by Pat McIntosh Information
548 The Nicholas Feast Gil Cunningham 2 by Pat McIntosh Information
549 Good King Harry by Denise Giardina Information
550 Dove Amongst the Hawks by Paul Doherty Information
551 The Rose Demon by Paul Doherty Information
552 The Serpent Amongst the Lilies Matthew Jenkyn 2 by Paul Doherty Information
553 The Fate of Princes by Paul Doherty Information
554 A Comedy of Murders Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo da Pavia 1 by George Herman Information
555 The Arno Serpent Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo da Pavia 6 by George Herman Information
556 The Toys of War Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo da Pavia 4 by George Herman Information
557 The Florentine Mourners Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo da Pavia 3 by George Herman Information
558 The Tears of the Madonna Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo da Pavia 2 by George Herman Information
559 This Time Richard III 1 by Joan Szechtman Information
560 Celtic Bride Medieval Brides 3 by Margo Maguire Information
561 The Outlaws Tale Sister Frevisse 3 by Margaret Frazer Information
562 The Widows Tale Sister Frevisse 14 by Margaret Frazer Information
563 The Murderers Tale Sister Frevisse 6 by Margaret Frazer Information
564 The Bishops Tale Sister Frevisse 4 by Margaret Frazer Information
565 The Hunters Tale Sister Frevisse 13 by Margaret Frazer Information
566 The Prioress Tale Sister Frevisse 7 by Margaret Frazer Information
567 The Sempsters Tale Sister Frevisse 15 by Margaret Frazer Information
568 The Squires Tale Sister Frevisse 10 by Margaret Frazer Information
569 The Reeves Tale Sister Frevisse 9 by Margaret Frazer Information
570 The Clerks Tale Sister Frevisse 11 by Margaret Frazer Information
571 The Traitors Tale Sister Frevisse 16 by Margaret Frazer Information
572 The Apostates Tale Sister Frevisse 17 by Margaret Frazer Information
573 The Bastards Tale Sister Frevisse 12 by Margaret Frazer Information
574 The Maidens Tale Sister Frevisse 8 by Margaret Frazer Information
575 The Boys Tale Sister Frevisse 5 by Margaret Frazer Information
576 Lady of the Roses A Novel of the Wars of the Roses by Sandra Worth Information
577 The Book of Shadows Kathryn Swinbrooke 4 by C.L. Grace Information
578 The Eye of God Kathryn Swinbrooke 2 by C.L. Grace Information
579 A Maze of Murders Kathryn Swinbrooke 6 by C.L. Grace Information
580 A Feast of Poisons Kathryn Swinbrooke 7 by C.L. Grace Information
581 Saintly Murders Kathryn Swinbrooke 5 by C.L. Grace Information
582 The Merchant of Death Kathryn Swinbrooke 3 by C.L. Grace Information
583 The Dance of Death Roger the Chapman 18 by Kate Sedley Information
584 The Prodigal Son Roger the Chapman 15 by Kate Sedley Information
585 The Goldsmiths Daughter Roger the Chapman 10 by Kate Sedley Information
586 The Eve of Saint Hyacinth Roger the Chapman 5 by Kate Sedley Information
587 The Holy Innocents Roger the Chapman 4 by Kate Sedley Information
588 The Lammas Feast Roger the Chapman 11 by Kate Sedley Information
589 The Midsummer Rose Roger the Chapman 13 by Kate Sedley Information
590 The Saint Johns Fern Roger the Chapman 9 by Kate Sedley Information
591 Nine Men Dancing Roger the Chapman 12 by Kate Sedley Information
592 The Burgundians Tale Roger the Chapman 14 by Kate Sedley Information
593 The Brothers of Glastonbury Roger the Chapman 7 by Kate Sedley Information
594 The Green Man Roger the Chapman 17 by Kate Sedley Information
595 The Weavers Inheritance Roger the Chapman 8 by Kate Sedley Information
596 The Three Kings of Cologne Roger the Chapman 16 by Kate Sedley Information
597 King Arthur and the Knights of His Court by Alfred W. Pollard Information
598 The Harpers Quine Gil Cunningham 1 by Pat McIntosh Information
599 A Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn Information
600 The Lives of the Artists by Giorgio Vasari Information

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