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Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Chairman: Dr. Lolita Qouta
Tel: +96264799000 Ext. 2250
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We would like to welcome you all to our homepage on the internet.
We strive to make our online existence a significant addition to our committment to excellence in service to the University and to our students in particular. We hope you too will find the contents herein beneficial to your learning experience.
The Department of Biotechnology and genetic engineering at Philadelphia University was established in the academic year 2000/2001 as a result of the uprising importance of biotechnology and genetic engineering in our every day life including medicine, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and to meet the growing need for specialists in such technological fields. 
The department offers a B.Sc. in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering through a comprehensive curriculum, which equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in different biotechnology disciplines. These include molecular biology, recombinant DNA, protein engineering, immunology, genetics, animal and plant tissue culture, plant science, environmental science, microbiology, biochemistry and computing. A major step in the development of the department will be the introduction of postgraduate studies in the near future. The department is committed to the highest standards of excellence in teaching and research.