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Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Chairman: Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi
Tel: +96264799000 Ext. 2124
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Welcome to the Mechatronics Engineering Department!

The Mechatronics Engineering Department was established in 2002 at Philadelphia University which is one of the pioneers in this field in the region. This Department includes many themes: electronics, mechanics, electrical machines, control and instrumentation, computer engineering, and mechatronics system design. It includes well-qualified professors with educational and industrial experiences from Jordan, United Kingdom, USA, and Germany.

The main aim of the Mechatronics Engineering Department is to sharpen practical engineering skills and encourage students to build mechatronics systems prototypes, benefiting from various well-equipped laboratories: robots, CNC-machines, microcontroller kits, automatic systems, fluid systems, AC and DC machines and power electronics and drive.