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Message from the Dean of Faculty of Law

Dear All.
"Fitness of purpose and fitness for purpose" is the motto that underlies all activities at the Faculty of Law. According to the strategy plan 2012-2017, the primary aim stated by the faculty is to provide students with a sound type of education in law that will be of prospective value and establish the basis for life-long learning in all fields of work they opt to work in. Hence, stress is given to the practical and application aspects of students' skills, while keeping in mind and emphasizing the value and ethics of the legal profession.
The faculty accomplished many outstanding achievements in the past few years. Among others, it has been ranked first among faculties of law in Jordan universities in the competition of Al-Hussein Fund for Excellence Award conducted in collaboration with the British Quality Assurance Agency. Advanced positions were also achieved in the moot trails conducted under the patronage of the Jordanian Ministry of Justice and the American Bar Association (ABA).
This website forms a cooperative interactive platform to introduce all facets of the faculty, and discuss all issues that positively reflect on the activities of the faculty. Points of view and suggestions of students are welcome and taken into consideration so as to reflect positively on the activities of the faculty.
Dr. Osamah Ahmad Alnimat
Dean of Law