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Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Chairman: Dr. Jasim Ghaeb
Tel: +96264799000 Ext. 2124
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Welcome to the Mechatronics Engineering Department at Philadelphia University (PU) in Jordan. PU is one of the Mechatronics engineering pioneers in the Middle East region. The Mechatronic program was initiated in the year 2000 and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan by 2004. The Mechatronic faculty at Philadelphia includes well qualified professors with educational and industrial experiences from around the globe: USA, Japan, England, and Jordan, Egypt.  

At our department, we emphasize on practical engineering skills where we encourage the students to build Mechatronic systems prototypes. Our laboratories include Robots, Automatic Systems, CNC machines, DSP and microcontroller kits, Fluid systems and much more.  

Today, Mechatronics System Engineering has gained much recognition and importance in the industrial world and became an engineering discipline in high demand. Our department has grown from thirty nine to one hundred and ninety seven students in four years 

What is Mechatronics? 
Mechatronics can be defined as the analysis, design, and integration of mechanics with electronics through intelligent computer control.
The term Mechatronics was first used in the late 1960s by a Japanese Electric Company to describe the engineering integration between mechanical and electrical systems 

The number of students has grown from 39 to 197 

The main Fields of Study 
Mechatronics Engineering can be divided into 4 integrated fields 

1. Electrical and Electronics
This field includes Electrical Circuits, Electronics, Power Electronics, Drive Circuits, Electric Machines, Logic and Digital Electronics 
2. Mechanics
This field includes Statics, Dynamics, Vibrations, Thermodynamcis, Heat Transfer, Fluids, CAD, Manufacturing, Material Science, Machine Design, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems 
3. Control and Instrumentation
This field includes Analog and Digital Control Systems, Robotics, Signal Processing, Sensors & Actuators, Statistics and Quality Control
4. Computer Engineering
This field includes Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, PLC, Programming, Simulation, Interface, and Machine Intelligence 

Finally, Mechatronic System Design This field concentrates on the integration among electronics, mechanics, computer, and control in order to analyze and design fully integrated systems.