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Department of Nursing

Nursing is an art and science, a discipline with a unique body of knowledge upon which diagnosis and treatment decisions are made. The Faculty of Nursing at Philadelphia University believes that nursing students should be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to fulfill their professional role using modalities that encourage active learning with emphasis on caring for the individual, family and community in illness and wellness states.

The Faculty does not only seek to prepare students for professional career in the nursing field but also to encourage them to develop a higher sense of morality and social responsibility. We provide a learning environment in which each person is valued and supported and is capable of personal creativity and lifetime learning; all of which are requisites for student's lives as good citizens and leaders. 

The Faculty of Nursing at Philadelphia University has outstanding learning resources that help to provide rich educational opportunities for nursing students in Jordan. The multiple avenues of the baccalaureate program including traditional and bridging; morning and evening ones open the door for students to choose according to their convenience and give them the credentials they deserve to grow professionally.