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Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy provides the students with comprehensive courses including theoretical and practical skills in physiology, pathology, pharmacology, toxicology, basic and clinical biochemistry, Biopharmaceutics and clinical pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacy, and therapeutics. In addition, these courses will prepare the students to understand the basic principle of the biochemical and pathophysiological changes during disease process, pharmacotherapy and selection of save and suitable drug for each individual patients and pharmaceutical care including patient’s education, counseling and the rational usage of (OTC) drugs. The students will also learn about management of pharmacy practice through training in virtual (simulation) pharmacy in addition to medical and pharmaceutical knowledge required from the pharmacists in order to work as a member of the health care team in the hospitals as well as in the community pharmacies.

The area of pharmaceutical sciences is involved in the study of the physicochemical properties of compounds and substances that are used in the development of pharmaceutical products in addition to the quality control of such substances according to the pharmacopeias and international laws.  This area of science is also involved in the study of drug delivery systems and the development of smart delivery systems that are highly efficient in their therapeutic effect with minimal side effects. Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics is another important field of study in pharmaceutical technology which is involved in the study of various parameters related to the absorption, distribution, and elimination of drugs.  It also offers courses in pharmaceutical microbiology and this area of pharmaceutical sciences is involved in the study of the properties of different microorganisms that are considered to be the underlying cause of human's infectious diseases