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Committees Tasks The Language Center

1. Syllabus and Coordination Committee

This Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Suggestion the syllabus plan for the curriculum.
  2. Coordinating and editing exams according to the planned syllabus.
  3. Informing the center's administration  of  any obstacle concerning the course and suggestion proper solutions.
  4. Preparing the reports concerning this committee and sending a copy to the Quality Assurance Committee.

2. Quality Assurance Committee:

This Committee is assigned with  the following tasks:

  1. Following up the Quality Assurance Council's meetings.
  2. Implementing the orders  and instructions issued from the council.
  3. Submitting reports concerning quality assurance to the Language Center's director.
  4. Keeping documents in special files for this committee.

3. Social Committee and Community Service:

  1. Strengthening antimate and social relations between the academic and administrative staff  through reacting to different social and personal occasions for each member.
  2. Establishing friendly and cooperative relations with the surrounding local community through carrying out activities, courses as well as scientific and educational seminars, in addition  to other appropriate activities.
  3. Participating in supporting the local community financially morally as a manifestation of university's role  in  the development of the  local community.
  4. Preparing specific reports  concerning the committee's activities and submit thing a copy to the quality assurance committee.

4. The Cultural Committee

  1. This committee prepares and supervises the cultural activities held in the Language Centre  taking into consideration the type of the activity, its place and its time.
  2. Inviting academic figures to organize lectures on different cultural and scientific subjects and in coordination with the Language  Center's administration.
  3. Preparing for the activities which are going to be held  and informing the administration about every activity and the names of the responsible person and all the necessary equipment that is needed.
  4. Following up the preparations and the rehearsal of the activities that are going to be held.
  5. Informing the Center's administration of any obstacle that might face the committee.
  6. Informing the Center's administration in advance of the necessary needed budget.
  7. The cultural committee must obtain a prior  agreement from the concerned authorities when asking any person to take part in the culture's day activities in return for money.
  8. Providing the Center's administration with continues reports about the latest developments and sending copy to the  quality assurance  file.


5. Scientific Research Committee

This Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Forming research committees and  encouraging the teaching staff to prepare researches.
  2. Uploading the accomplished researches on the website and informing the teaching staff about their importance
  3. Providing the Quality Assurance Committee with a report about the number of published researches and their types.

6. Discipline Committee

This Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Investigating with students , having complaints against them,  in regard with violating the listed rules and instructions in the students' guide book.
  2. Executing punishment on the student according to the instructions.
  3. Presenting a written report of the proper punishment to the Center's administration.

7. Electronic Site and Building Committee:

  1. This committee is concerned with updating and enhancing and following up the Language center's website and ensuring that the information provided is correct.   It also responsible for the following tasks:
  2. Checking the state of the Language center's building to make sure that it is in a good condition by checking the electricity, lights , chairs, heating and painting that may negatively affect both  students and the teaching staff
  3. Following up the repairs with the maintaince center.
  4. Submitting a report to the Language center's director.

8. Placement test committee

This Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Preparing and supervising the implementation of the placement test.
  2. Coordinating with teaching staff concerning distributing  the tasks of photocopying and packing  of the exams.
  3. Supervising  the process of correcting the exam  paper and editing marks.
  4. Submitting a detailed report of the students' results to the language Center's  director including  exams percentage and  the number of the student who fail, pass, or who are absent.

9.Bazzar Committee

This Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Preparing and supervising the Language center's annual Charity bazzar by making proper arrangements with the concerned persons for the different items they will display and the price for each display stall and other related things.
  2. Prior coordinating with the Language center's director on the kind of items in the bazzar
  3. Prior supervising and  preparing  of the bazzar's  location and all the necessary equipment.
  4. Submitting the bazzar's raised funds with a detailed reports to the Language center's director.