Staff Word-of-Mouth (SWOM) and retail employee recruitment

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleStaff Word-of-Mouth (SWOM) and retail employee recruitment Author(S)Kathleen A. Keelinga (Author)
Abstract  Researchers and employers have largely neglected the wider influence of Staff Word-of-Mouth (SWOM), whereas employee referral programs are an established form of recruitment. This paper positions SWOM as a specific form of WOM, communicated by present and former employees, which can influence potential applicants at the prerecruitment stage. Scenario-based Study 1, with retail employees/applicants, shows differential effects on organizational attractiveness of SWOM with positive versus negative messages and tangible versus intangible information, if obtained from strong versus weak social ties ...Paginationp 88-104
SubjectCommerceDescriptorsCivil Retail trade
Journal TitleJournal of Retailing  
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