Design of an adaptive fuzzy neural controller for a chemical reactor for Badawi Mohamed Saleh Ibrahim
Neuro genetic techniques and its application for control systems for Hussein Sherif El Sayed
Digital image processing in astronomy for El Sayed Shaban Mokhtar
Clinical and radiographic assessment alveolar bone loss for Foza Amal Fawzy Mohammed
Enamel remineralization using two different types of remineralizing solutions for Ibrahiem Salwa Adel
Histoigcal and histochemical study of the effect of acetyl salicylic acid on the induced root resorption in albino rats for Grawish Mohammed El Awady Abu El Meaty
Control of industrial robots for El Baz Mohamed Fathy
Analysis of image sequences for motion estimation for Al Khazragy Wael Wageeh Abd Al Mageed
The Use of Dissolved Air Flotation in Reducing the Polutant Load on the Rapid Sand Filtration for El Adawy Mohamad Ragab
Low Cost Technology for Wastewater Teritary Treatment for El Morsy Ahmed El Morsy A
Design and Analysis of Repetitive Construction Operation Using Cyclone Technique for Youssef Mohamed Abd El Moneim Mohamed
Design Principles of Structural Concrete for Minor and Moderate Earthquakes for Hassan Yasser Mohammed Kamal El Deen
Nonlinear finite element plane strain analysis of earth retaining structures for El Desouky Magdy Mohamed Abdel Moneim Gad
Recirculation in Trickling Filter for El Shehawy Ragab Mohamed Barakat
Computerized methods for zeros Of polynomials for Mohamed Magdi Zakria Rashad
Numerical solution of ferdholm integral equations of the second kind for Abd El Monem Reda Abdo
Evaluation of An Anal Sphincter Controlled Bladder Substitutes the double folded rectosigmoid pouch for hafez Ashraf Tarek Ahmed
Study of diabetic nephropathy for Abdel Aziz Mohamed Yakout
Femoral Neck Fractures in children for Radwan Marwan Mohamed
Mitral Valve Repair Versus Replacement for El Ghoneimy Yasser Ahmed Farag
Seropositivity to viruses B C and E in patients with chronic liver disease for El Deghidi El Sayed Ali Souliman
Metabolic and endocrinal Aspects of hirsutism for Mohamed Fayez El Kenawy
Hepatitis c in patients with hematologic malignancies for Ismail Maha Ibrahim
Evaluation of prekallikrein and contact factor in arthritis for Shahin Dina Abd El Halim
Esophageal & gastric motility study in patients with genuine dyspepsia for Moharam Mohamed Aboul Hassan
Effect of Some Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors on portal blood flow and prevention of recurrence oesphageal vericeal bleeding for Seif Seham Mohamed
Effect of portal decompression on hepatic venous blood flow in patients after sclerotherapy for vericeal bleeding for Kholef Sahar Fathy Mohamed Abd El Monem
Cytomegalovirus infection and renal artery stenosis in renal transplant allograft for State Omnia Ibrahim
Correlative study between sonographic gall bladder abnormalities & serum cholecystokinin in bilharzial hepatic fibrosis for Gabre Nabil Kamel Gad
Clinical radiological endoscopic and motility studies in cases with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome for El Dsuky Ayman Abd El Ghaffar
Brain natriuretic factor in patients having systemic arterial hypertension for El Gharbawy Sahar Abd El Rahman
Atrial natriuretic peptide in preascitic bilharzial fibrosis for Salama Samy Ebrahim Ali
Antral enteroendocrine cells in bilharzial hepatic fibrosis for Mousa Amany Abd El Hameed
Study of renal functions after thrombolytic therapy in patients with acute myocardial infarction for Omer Ashraf Ahmed
Skeletal muscle changes in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy for Kaoud Khaled Ali Mousa
Study of vascular resistance in diabetics for Tarshoby Manal Mostafa
Study of some cell Adhesive Molecules in lymphomas for Osman Ehab Abd El Rouf
Study of clinical & histopathological risk factors in patients crescentic glomerulonephritis for El Husseini Amr Ahmed
Serum selenium level in patients with ldioPathic dilated cardiomyopathy for Awad Magdy El Shahat M
Qt dispersion in young diabetics for Mohamed El Sayed Moawad
Portal colopathy in patients with portal hypertension for Ayyad Rokia Anwar Saad
Pathogenic factors responsible for glucose intolerance in patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis for Arafa Ramadan Fouad
Non surgical treatment of rupture oesophageal varices for Habeed Maha Ragab
Left ventricular systolic mass and diastolic filing alternations in normotensive young adults with a family history of systemic hypertension for El Hadidi Mohamed Helmy
Left ventricular dysfunction of non cardiac critically ill patients for Albadry Salah Tawfik Abd El Hameed
Dermatological manifestation of hepatitis ” c ” infection for Mohamed Zaki Mohamed
Role of ultrasonography and color doppler in diagnosis of scrotal swellings for Ziada Mohamed Taher
Evaluation of mycotoxic food poisoning cases in Mansoura emergency hospital for El Azab Somaia Mohammed
Study of endoscopic diagnosis of sinus headache for Hassan Sameh Abd El Hady
Facial nerve monitoring for El Arashi Fadle Mohamed Ahamed
Immunopathogenesis of atopic dermatitis for Mohamed Shaymaa El Mongy
Evaluation of the role of venogenic factors in the aetiology of diabetic impotence for Awadin Mohey El Din Fakhry
Antiphospholipid antibodies in unexplained recurrent abortions for Azzam Hanan Ahmed Galal
Plasma endothelin and lipid pattern in hypertensive disorder of pregnancy (HDP) for El Hoseeny Azza Ahmed
Study of bronchoprovocation in allergic phinitis with and without asthma for EL Said Mohamed Mohamed
Immunologic studies of blood and broncho alveolar lavage in asthmatics for Mohammed Alaa Eldin H
Evaluation of different diagnostic modalties for biopsy of mediastinal lesions for El Sayed Ahmed Younis
Haemodynamic and blood gasometric changes during laparoscopic gynaecological surgery under halothane versus isoflurane anaesthesia for Khalifah Ebraheim Fathallah
Transuretheral prostatectomy with laser or electrovaporization do they decrease the accompanying haemodynamic haematological and biochemical changes ? for Mohamed Sherif Abdou Mousa
Neuromuscular blockade profile of pipecuronium in patients with liver cirrhosis for Bedair Khalid Abd El Fattah Mohamed
Haemodynamic profile of isoflurane versus total intravenous anesthesia in patients submitted to mitral commissurotomy for Yassen Amr Mohammed
Haemodynamic changes under fentanyl propofoltiva versus fentanyl propofol & ketamine tiva in geriatric orthopaedic surgery for Abdou Abdel Hamid Zehry
Effect of preinduction versus premedication with midazolam on postinduction haemodynamic profile for Galabi Moayad Ateya Mohamed
Effect of intrathecal fentanyl on the onset & duration of hyperbaric bupivacaine induced spinal block for Hafez Hesham El Mahdy
Effect of fasting on preoperative & serum glucose & electrolytes in children subjected & to tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy for El Bassuony El Metwally Ibrahim El Metwally
Changes in physiological dead space during radical cystectomy its implications on arterial blood gasometry & capnographyits for El Hadary Hala Mohamed Salah El Din Mahmoud
Arterio jugular oxygen content difference during transurethral prostatectomy for El Ghorouri Mohamed Ahmed Ali
Renal changes in patients with malignant diseases for El Tanayhi Ieman Yassen Saleh
Study of some aspects in primary nephrotic syndrome in children for Hammad Ayman Mohammed Abd El Nabi
Long term follow up of kidney transplant recipients receiving ketoconazole for cyclosporine dose redution for Hamdy Ahmed Farouk Aziz
Study of some inflammatory cytokines in children with acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease for Diab Mona Ismail
Serum interleukin l level in children with steroid responsive nephrotic syndrome for Zanaty Essam Sayed Ahmed Mohamed
Prevalence of tricuspid valve prolapse in patients with primary mitral valve prolapse for El Sherbini Ayman Abd El Rahman
Coagulation inhibitors in patients with acute coronary syndrome for Saleh Gamal Abu El Maaty
Developmental study on disposition of structures related to human mandible for Shams El Din Amany Mohamed
High resolution ultrasound and Color doppler imaging in evaluation of thyroid masses for Abd El Salam Ghada Mohamed
Role of complement in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for Habib Neveen Hamdy Ahmed
Imaging modalities in primary amenorrhea for El Sayed Amani Gamal
Influence of the serotypes of hepatitis C virus on outcome of surgical emergencies for Sakr Ashraf Abd El Hadi Abo El Saad
Magnetic resonane angiography in spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage for Abdel Ghaffar Wael Ahmed
Clinical & radiological study of patients with late onset epilepsy for El Khateeb Mohamed Galal
Immunological study before and after surgery in patients with malignant thyroid tumours for Ibrahim Yasser Ali El Sayed
Ileal Nipple valve versus the serous lined extramural tunnel as an antireflux technique in orthotopic bladder subtitution A prospective randomized study for Shahin Yasser M Ossman
Surgical management of occult spinal dysraphism for Kassem Mohamed Ali Hessen
Non traumatic acute lower limb ischaemia for El Sharawy Mohamed Amin
Modified mesocaval interposition shunt for variceal bleeding for Megahed Abd El Salam Mohamed Fathi
Manometric evaluation of the sphincter of oddi dysfunction and the effect of endoscopic sphincterotomy for El Husseini Tarek Salah
Laparoscopic colectomy for Fady Tamer
Immunogenetic study primary toxic goitre and chronic thyroiditis for Mahdy Tarek Ibraheim Mohamed
High ligation of testicular vessels in high undescended testis for Kandil Khaled El Sayed
Evaluation of the role of tumor suppressor gene P53 in colorectal carcinoma for El Awady Saleh Ebrahim
Emergency thoracotomy in chest trauma for Amer Sameh Mostafa
Distal splenornal shunt versus splenectomy and devascularization versus sclerotheraoy versus beta blocker in the elective treatment of variceal bleeding a prospective randomized trial for Hassan Amgad Ahmad Fouad
Cancer treatment by laser photodynamic therapy for State Ahmed El Said
Staging of urinary bladder carcinoma comparative study between MrI & Ct for El Shahat Mohamed Fayez Mohamed
Evaluation of cancer rectum by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging for Wassel Khalid Ebrahim
Health profile of the bus drivers and conductors in the east Delta bus company for Naguib Nader Samy
Health profile of children working car kepair workshops in Dekernis Dakahlia governorate for El Saed Aiman Mohamed
Pattern of drugs use in the northern region of Saudi Arabia for Al Hozem Nasser Saleh
MRI in benign and malignant breast lesions for Hanna Aml Fakhry Yousef