Structured COBOL by design a first course
Structured COBOL programming
Structured COBOL programming
Business applications of structured cobol programming
FORTRAN 77 a structured disciplined style Computer science series
FORTRAN with problem solving a structured approach Brooks/ Cole series in computer science
Computer programming in FORTRAN Teach yourself books
Object-oriented programming with simula
Computer graphics with pascal The Benjamin/Cummings series in computing and information sciences
Assembly language programming for the VAX-11 Little Brown computer science series
Parallel programming International computer science series
Fortran 77 an introduction to structured problem solving
Assembly language programming on the IBM PC
Microprocessors and interfacing programming and hardware
Assembly language programming for the VAX-11
Assembly language programming and machine organization PDP-11
Software reliability Measurement prediction application McGraw-Hill series in software engineering and technology
Mainframe high productivity tools of the 9O's
Introduction to computer systems using the PDP-11 and Pascal McGraw-Hill computer science series
Mastering spreadsheets Macmillan master series
Programming the 8086/8088 for the IBM PC and compatibles
Programming with Macintosh Turbo Pascal
Computer organization and assembly language programming for the VAX
COBOL for the 80’s
Principles of systems programming
Microprogramming and computer architecture
Data base structured techniques for design performance and management
Data structures using modula-2
An introduction to data structures with applications McGraw-Hill computer science series
An introduction to data structures with applications McGraw-Hill computer science series
Introduction to data structures with pascal
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of data structures Schaum's outline series
IMS administration programming and data base design
Microcomputer architecture and programming
Writing better computer user documentation from paper to hypertext version 2.0
The theory and practice of compiler writing McGraw-Hill computer science series
Unix shell programming
Operating systems concepts and design McGraw-Hill computer science series
Operating systems
Software state of the art selected papers
Introduction to PC DOS
Systems management under unix and unix-like systems
Unix utilities
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of computer graphics Schaum's outline series
Principles of interactive computer graphics
Computer graphics a programming approach
Device-indefendent graphics with examples from IBM personal computers
Expert system development in Prolog and Turbo-prolog
Managing expert systems
Developing expert systems a knowledge engineer's handbook for rules & objects
Expert systems artificial intelligence in business
Procedural elements for computer graphics
Principles of artificial intelligence and expert systems development
Programming principles in computer graphics
Mathematical elements for computer graphics
Interactive computer graphics functional procedural and device-level methods International computer science series
Power graphics using Turbo Pascal
Interactive 3d computer graphics
Power graphics using turbo C
Power graphics using Turbo C++
Software engineering environments concepts and technology
R BASE for the programmer
Principles of software engineering management
Data communications for programmers International computer science series
Working with Q & A practical techniques in database design
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of essential computer mathematics Schaum's outline series
Computer mathematics Cambridge computer science text
Real-time software for small systems
Program design for knowledge based systems
Data processing logic
Decision estimation and classification An introduction to pattern recognition and related topic
Computer data processing
Microprocessors and digital systems
Data communications networking devices
Human-computer interface design Macmillan computer science series
File organization and processing
File formats for popular PC software A programmer's reference
MASTERING DOCUMENTATION With Document Masters For System Development Control and Delivery
Designing efficient algorithms for parallel computers Supercomputing & artificial intelligence
Programs and data structures in C
The design of algorithms in pascal
Structured PL/ZERO plus PL/ONE
Oracle A user's guide
A visual introduction to SQL
Turbo libraries A programmer's reference
Word processing and information systems a practical approach to concepts Computer science series
Mastering Microsoft works s self-teaching guide
Understanding and using Microsoft Word The Microcomputing series
Understanding and using PC-Write version 2.71 The Microcomputing series
Mastering enable/OA Office automation software
An introduction to discrete mathematics and formal system specification
The ABC'S of 1-2-3 release 2.2
Lotus in the lab Spreadsheet applications for scientists and engineers
Master lotus 1-2-3 Release 3