'Hood Work: Hip-Hop, Youth Advocacy, and Model Citizenry.

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
Title'Hood Work: Hip-Hop, Youth Advocacy, and Model Citizenry. Author(S)Murray. Forman, (Author)
Abstract  This study isolates the phenomenon of “'Hood Work,” encompassing street-level youth advocacy agencies employing hip-hop's core elements (b-boying, aerosol art, DJing, and MCing) to engage disenfranchised teens in urban environments. By mobilizing hip-hop's popular practices and inculcating critical media literacy in an attempt to guide and “empower” teens, 'Hood Workers seek to assist their young wards in interpreting, deconstructing, and challenging mainstream or commercial media representations of urban youth ...Paginationp 244-257
Journal TitleCommunication , Culture & Critique  
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