Perceived 'Hispanicness' versus 'Americanness': A study of brand ethnicity with Hispanic consumers

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitlePerceived 'Hispanicness' versus 'Americanness': A study of brand ethnicity with Hispanic consumers Author(S)Cong Li (Author)
Abstract  rdrbrdrdbrdrw10rdrcf1 \qc\vTop of Form 1 \v0This article discusses how consumers differentiate competing brands of similar utilitarian values on the basis of a brand’s cultural association, namely brand ethnicity, and examines how the perceived brand ethnicity influences consumers’ brand preference and choice. Study findings, based on both qualitative and quantitative research with self-identified Hispanic consumers, indicate that Hispanic consumers associate certain brands with Hispanic culture and other brands with American culture. In a hypothetical purchasing scenario, the perceived brand ethnicity affects consumers’ brand preference significantly in accordance with their cultural orientation. However, in a real consumer behaviour setting, external factors such as brand accessibility attenuate the effects of brand ethnicity\vBottom of Form 1 \v0 ...Paginationp 443-
Journal TitleInternational Journal of Advertising   
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