De-Schooling Art and Design: Illich Redux

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleDe-Schooling Art and Design: Illich Redux Author(S)Tom Hardy (Author)
Abstract  Using Ivan Illich's seminal works, Deschooling Society and Tools for Conviviality as touchstones, this paper returns to further pursue the thrust of my article in iJADE 25.3 (2006), 'Domain poisoning: the redundancy of current models of assessment through art’, and might be considered as a more radical addendum. The central strand of Illich's work on 'deschooling’ is an indictment of the trend to dehumanisation and the counterproductivity which results from institutionalisation ...Paginationp153–165
Journal TitleThe International Journal of Art & Design Education  
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