Shaping Retail Brand Personality Perceptions by Bodily Experiences

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleShaping Retail Brand Personality Perceptions by Bodily Experiences Author(S)Jana Mِllera (Author)
Abstract  Customer experiences play an important role in retail brand management. This research investigates how bodily experiences in retail environments influence customers’ perceptions of retail brand personalities. Based on research on human personality perception, we propose that bodily experiences transfer metaphoric meaning to customers’ brand perceptions. In a field experiment and a lab experiment we manipulated participants’ bodily experiences (feeling of hardness and temperature) and consistently found a metaphor-specific transfer of experiences to retail brand personality perceptions (on the dimensions “ruggedness” and “warmth”) ...Paginationp 438-446
SubjectCommerceDescriptorsRetail trade
Journal TitleJournal of Retailing  
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