Market ethics and credit practices in sixteenth-century Tuscany

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TitleMarket ethics and credit practices in sixteenth-century Tuscany Author(S)JAMES E. SHAW (Author)
Abstract  This paper examines the moral economy of mid-sixteenth-century Tuscany, with a focus on the practices of credit and exchange at the quotidian level. Supplications for justice addressed to the duke and redirected to the Mercanzia (Merchants’ Court) provide rich evidence of the way that people negotiated the rules, ethics and practices of the market. Supplications presented narratives of exchange embedded in human circumstances and motivations, opening up the formal surface of contractual obligations to reveal the underlying 'truth’ of these relationships. ...Paginationp 236-252
SubjectEurope -- HistoryDescriptorsRenaissance
Journal TitleRenaissance studies: Journal of the Society for Renaissance Studies  
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