Thomas More and the problem of charity

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleThomas More and the problem of charity Author(S)EVAN GURNEY (Author)
Abstract  This article examines the impact and influence of the term 'charity’ in the polemical exchange between Thomas More and William Tyndale. Much of More's criticism of Tyndale's unauthorized 1526 New Testament centres on this word, or rather its absence, as Tyndale opted to translate agape with the more general term 'love’. Matters of linguistic usage traversed more complicated questions of interpretation and rhetoric, however, even as scriptural imperatives to perform charity lent sanction and urgency to both writers. ...Paginationp 197-217
SubjectEurope -- HistoryDescriptorsRenaissance
Journal TitleRenaissance studies: Journal of the Society for Renaissance Studies  
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