Interrogating The Soddered Citizen

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleInterrogating The Soddered Citizen Author(S)BARBARA WOODING (Author)
Abstract  The Soddered Citizen, a play performed by the King's Men's company during the 1630s, survives in a single, incomplete manuscript, a facsimile of which is held at the British Library. It has received minimal critical attention since its discovery in the 1930s. The much-altered text of the play carries numerous indications of performance intentions, and has been the subject of discussions about changes to be made, evidenced by the nature of the alterations, to which several different hands have contributed. ...Paginationp 608-624
SubjectEurope -- HistoryDescriptorsRenaissance
Journal TitleRenaissance studies: Journal of the Society for Renaissance Studies  
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