Descartes's account of indifference

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleDescartes's account of indifference Author(S)EMMA GILBY (Author)
Abstract  This article considers Descartes's statements on the 'liberty of indifference’, where indifference is understood as there being, at any one moment, alternative paths that one might take in life. I suggest that Descartes is hugely preoccupied with how we can hold onto more than one idea at the same time, and I pay close literary attention to the ways in which Descartes's stated goals of clarity and firmness interact with this philosophical interest in indifference and vacillation. ...Paginationp 658-672
SubjectEurope -- HistoryDescriptorsRenaissance
Journal TitleRenaissance studies: Journal of the Society for Renaissance Studies  
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