Theorisations of leisure in inter-war Britain

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TitleTheorisations of leisure in inter-war Britain Author(S)Robert Snape (Author)
Abstract  The National Conference on the Leisure of the People in 1919 marked the emergence of a public discourse on the nature and purpose of leisure in inter-war Britain. One strand of this discourse saw leisure to be problematic as new forms of mass and passive entertainment, the 'enforced leisure’ of unemployment and the right use of leisure became areas of social concern. Perceptive critics, however, conceptualised leisure as a social sphere in which a new and better post-war society could be built through a democratic 'new’ leisure and the use of leisure as a vehicle for education in citizenship. ...Paginationp 1-18
SubjectRecreation and performing artsDescriptorsLeisure
Journal TitleLeisure studies : the journal of the Leisure Studies Association  
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