Is Marx still relevant to the study of leisure?

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TitleIs Marx still relevant to the study of leisure? Author(S)Chris Rojek (Author)
Abstract  This paper is an attempt to reaffirm the relevance of Marxism for Leisure Studies. It is motivated by the view that the influence of Marxism on the field was late and short lived (primarily through Clarke and Critcher’s book The Devil Makes Work (1985)). Marxism in Leisure Studies was rapidly eclipsed by the revival of neo-liberal approaches and the ascent of post-structuralism which privileged 'discourse’, 'coding’ and 'representation’ over economics and class. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the so-called 'velvet revolution’ in Eastern Europe seemed to expose Marxism as passé and wrong headed. ...Paginationp 19-34
SubjectRecreation and performing artsDescriptorsLeisure
Journal TitleLeisure studies : the journal of the Leisure Studies Association  
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