'Redneck Customs’: race and class at the demolition derby

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
Title'Redneck Customs’: race and class at the demolition derby Author(S)Susan Falls (Author)
Abstract  Using data collected from ethnographic research at demolition derbies in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this article focuses on the language used by drivers for car-naming practices in response to epithets routinely associated with rural, working-class whites. Briefly cast into mass consciousness by media coverage of the racialised 2008 US Presidential contest through a focus on the 'Appalachian Belt’, the day-to-day experiences of rural working-class whites tend to stay below the news radar. ...Paginationp 429-445
SubjectRecreation and performing artsDescriptorsLeisure
Journal TitleLeisure studies : the journal of the Leisure Studies Association  
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