Genealogy and Geography in Patricia Grace's Tu

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TitleGenealogy and Geography in Patricia Grace's Tu Author(S)Erin Suzuki (Author)
Abstract  This article examines how Patricia Grace uses the process of narrative adaptation as a way to meaningfully reinvigorate important cultural links between genealogy and geography in her 2004 novel Tu. This meticulously researched historical novel-about three brothers who enlist with the 28th "Maori" Battalion in World War II-blends thematic and symbolic concepts drawn from Maori genealogical praxis (whakapapa) with events drawn from oral histories, newspaper reports, and personal journals. The result is a powerful transnational genealogical narrative that directly links political, cultural, and affective connections forged abroad to the ongoing development and rejuvenation of a dynamic local culture at home. ...Paginationp 112-127
SubjectLiteratureDescriptorsEnglish fiction
Journal TitleModern Fiction Studies  
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