What Was Tragedy? The World We Have Lost, 1550-1795

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleWhat Was Tragedy? The World We Have Lost, 1550-1795 Author(S)Blair Hoxby (Author)
Abstract  The essay discusses the history of dramatic tragedy, including the opinions of philosopher Immanuel Kant, ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, and opera composer Christoph Willibald Gluck. The author describes the history or early modern tragedy, how it was influenced by ancient Greek playwrights such as Aeschylus and Sophocles, and how it used pathos. The author argues that tragedy involves the struggle between free will and fate, suffering heroes, and morality. ...Paginationp 1-32
SubjectLiteratureDescriptorsLiterature, Comparative
Journal TitleComparative Literature  
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