Kierkegaard, Gramsci, and the Politics of Irony and Sarcasm

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleKierkegaard, Gramsci, and the Politics of Irony and Sarcasm Author(S)Andrew M. Opitz (Author)
Abstract  The article examines the place of irony and satire in progressive politics. It cites S?ren Kierkegaard's magister dissertation "The Concept of Irony With Continual Reference to Socrates" and the work of Italian political theorist and activist Antonio Gramsci. It considers the controversy surrounding Barry Blitt's cartoon which depicted then U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle as terrorists inhabiting the White House. ...Paginationp 270-284
SubjectLiteratureDescriptorsLiterature, Comparative
Journal TitleComparative Literature  
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