Figures Taken for Signs: Symbol, Allegory, Mise en abyme

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleFigures Taken for Signs: Symbol, Allegory, Mise en abyme Author(S)Jacob Emery (Author)
Abstract  This essay examines situations where a single trope is implicated in two traditionally opposed rhetorical structures: mise en abyme, in which an internal text provides a miniature model of the framing text, and allegory, a figure in which the text at hand is only the key to some single and essentially external reading. Where mise en abyme is typically associated with the self-enclosed autonomy of the artwork, allegory tends in the opposite direction by treating the text as a disposable means to a proper meaning. ...Paginationp 339-355
SubjectLiteratureDescriptorsLiterature, Comparative
Journal TitleComparative Literature  
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