Murder and “Point of View”

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleMurder and “Point of View” Author(S)Catherine Toal (Author)
Abstract  This essay proposes an alternative account of the significance, for the development and interpretation of his work, of Henry James's engagement with French literature. Beginning with James's critique of the “cruelty” of the Goncourt brothers' novel Sœur Philomème, it argues, through a reading of The Turn of the Screw, that James's narrative technique and typical configuration of characters create a mechanism very different from the ethically sensitive portrayal of distinctive “perspectives” enshrined as the Jamesian contribution to a liberal Anglo-American aesthetics of the novel. ...Paginationp 62-84
SubjectLiteratureDescriptorsLiterature, Comparative
Journal TitleComparative Literature  
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