Don Delillo’s Falling Man and the Age of Terror

Material TypeArticleLanguageEnglish
TitleDon Delillo’s Falling Man and the Age of Terror Author(S)Joseph M Conte (Author)
Abstract  After the apocalyptic millennial scenarios that went by the name Y2K fizzled, Americans felt secure in their leadership of the New World Order; but when the towers fell, so did confidence in our global preeminence, revealing the twenty-first century as an age of terror and retribution. If one examines Don DeLillo’s writings of the past ten years, there emerges a dialectical critique of the transnational forces of global capitalism and fundamentalist terrorism that have brought us to catastrophe. Cosmopolis, which was very near completion on September 11, 2001, chronicles a single day in April 2000 on which the rapaciousness that supported hypercapitalism ...Paginationp557-583
SubjectLiteratureDescriptorsEnglish fiction
Journal TitleModern Fiction Studies  
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