Precision Motion Control design and implementation Advances in industrial control
Production engineering and science
Intelligent automation and control recent trends in development and applications proceedings of the World Automation Congress WAC' 98 May 10-14 1998 Anchorage Alaska USA TSI press series World Automation Congress 2nd 1998 Anchorage Alaska
Robotic and manufacturing systems recent results in research development and applications proceedings of the World Automation Congress WAC' 96 May 28-30 1996 Montpellier France TSI press series World Automation Congress 2nd 1996 Montpellier France
Financed research projects designing manufacturing and development of high frequency inductors heating coils for simultaneous hardening of spare parts المشروعات البحثية المدعومة تصميم و تصنيع و تطوير ملفات التسخين الحثيثة عالية التردد للتقسية المتزامنة لق
Financed research projects development of spare parts fabrication for local industries in Jordan المشروعات البحثية المدعومة تطوير صناعة قطع الغيار المستخدمة في الشركات الصناعية
Manufacturing engineering and technology
Metals materials for inspirational design
What is product design? Essential design handbooks
From Taylorism to Fordism a rational madness Le talorisme une folie rationnelle
Manufacturing engineering and technology
Fundamentals of manufacturing engineering
Welding technology and design
Fabric reference
Modern materials and manufacturing processes
Flexible manufacturing system
Fundamentals of design and manufacturing The Institute of Engineers India textbook series
Welding technology for engineers
Sisal and other hard fibres
Manufacturing processes
Manufacturing processes-II
Manufacturing technology
Manufacturing science-I
Sustainable materials processes and production The manufacturing guides
Product and furniture design The manufacturing guides
Computer aided manufacturing CAM
Textbook of production engineering
Advanced welding technology