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Objectives of Development and Academic Training Center

The objectives of the center are classified under two  headings:

A. Staff Training:

  • To organize and coordinate workshops, seminars,  and  other events (i.e. inviting prominent speakers) to  promote teaching excellence.
  • To conduct on–job training and orientation programs for new faculty.
  • To conduct customized workshops for specific academic and administrative departments.
  • To organize annual competitions for Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award.
  • To provide teaching resources and ideas including virtual learning, online learning, use of multimedia, and teaching technology.

B. Academic Development

  • To plan a follow-up program for academic quality assurance in collaboration with faculty deans.  
  • To establish a virtual education and online program at the university in coordination with other universities.
  • To facilitate the counseling program through the intranet access of the staff to the data available at the registration department.
  • To establish a teleconferencing hall, and to plan a program to attract experts from other universities.