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Objectives of Department of Civil Engineering

The objectives of the Civil Engineering Department are:

  • To create required methods and mechanisms for the swift and effective transfer into the curriculum and research topics of the latest developments in technology, knowledge access and information processing.
  • To take account of the ethical, social, cultural, environmental and economic aspects of the profession as much as to the technical dimension in all educational and research activities.
  • To plan for the future and to adapt to innovation.
  • To uphold the positive traditional qualities that have undeniably contributed to the present successful position.
  • To equip students with the knowledge, ability and creative thinking required for the identification, solution, synthesis and design of civil engineering problems.
  • To exert attention so that research activities in addition to being suitable for the needs of our country should also be pioneering studies that contribute to the profession and to science.
  • To transfer and share the accumulation of knowledge firstly for the benefit of our country and in general for the benefit and development of all humanity.