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Objectives of Department of Communications and Electronic Engineering

The major undergraduate educational goals for the Communications and Electronics Engineering Department are listed below:

  1. To prepare students to live long professional learning life, and pursuit them for advanced studies in graduate universities and other professional programs.
  2. To provide current and relevant laboratories for them.
  3. To provide an engineering environment for curriculum development for the faculty staff.
  4. To provide the best of current practice, theory, research and intellectual study in the humanities to prepare students for challenging careers in engineering, strengthen relationships to their communities and contribute ethically and productively to society;
  5. To make students thoroughly proficient in methods of analysis, including the mathematical and computational skills appropriate for engineers to use when solving problems
  6. To develop the skills pertinent to the design process, including the students’ ability to formulate problems, to think creatively, to communicate effectively, to synthesize information, and to work collaboratively;
  7. To teach students to use current experimental and data analysis techniques for engineering application;
  8. To instill in our students an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities.
  9. To prepare a well educated engineer in Communications and Electronics Engineering.