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Objectives of Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Graduating scientifically and ethically proficient pharmacists to improve the standard of the profession in the fields of community, clinical and industrial pharmacy.
  2. Encouraging faculty members to perform creative research that meets the needs of the local pharmaceutical industry and the community at large.
  3. Expanding professional interaction with pharmacists and alumni by offering continuing education programs.

Why Pharmacy?

  1. A satisfying and varied career
  2. Many different career paths with flexibility to change
  3. A competitive salary
  4. The chance to use a broad knowledge of science
  5. A choice of working environments and geographical locations
  6. The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life
  7. The pharmacist is an expert in medicines.  

A pharmacist can be involved in any aspect of the preparation and use of medicines, from the discovery of their active ingredients to their use by patients. Pharmacists also monitor the effects of medicines, both for patient care and for research purposes. So a pharmacist has many career options, including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, and academia. The broad scientific base that a pharmacy degree offers also provides many other opportunities e.g. medical writing, journalism, food industry, cosmetic industry, consulting roles.