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Objectives of Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes Matrix

Matrix Correlating Program Taught Obligatory Courses and Learning Outcomes

The main objectives of the department of biotechnology are:


To attract and retain outstanding students, faculty and staff.


provide the students with the fundamental tools and practical skills required to generate competent highly qualified graduates.


To equip students with the necessary critical theoretical background, develop the analytical, basic research skills that will help the students to pursue higher education in reputed institutes at national and international level.


To develop in students the ability to apply knowledge and skills to solve theoretical and practical problems in biology and biotechnology.


To affirm the concept of team work and communication skills among students for post -baccalaureate employment in the field of biotechnology.


To provide the students with the basis for the life-long self-learning in an attempt to keep up with the continuous quick changes in the field of biotechnology. 


To foster entrepreneurship among students in areas pertinent to biotechnology.


To acquaint the students with the principles of biosafety and ethical perspectives of biotechnological systems.


To organize and participate in meetings, conferences, symposiums, workshops, interaction and collaboration between researchers and academic institutions nationally and internationally.


To establish a strong reliable infrastructure and facilities to implement the current advanced applications in biotechnology and gene sequencing as a diagnostic tool for genetic disorders among Jordanian families. In addition to the applications in plant, microbiology and environment.