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Objectives of Faculty of Pharamcy

The following objectives obtain priority in the faculty: 

  • Emphasizes significance of developing the scientific, professional and social aspects of pharmacy students. It encourages self-reliance and creativity in order to qualify students to take an active role in the pharmaceutical care in hospital and community pharmacy setting.
  • Recruitment of qualified, highly trained faculty members in the areas of pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Science.
  • Establishment of creative and nurturing academic environment which encourage faculty members to perform state of the research and pharmaceutical training. 
  • Conducting independent and collaborative research in areas related to the development of pharmaceutical products or its manufacturing.
  • Participating in continuous education courses provided to practicing pharmacists.
  • Actively pursuing extramural funding to help in the advancement of pharmaceutical research and education.
  • Participation in Health Regulatory agencies committees to elevate the standards of registered pharmaceutical products.
  • Participation in High Education committees to elevate the standards of pharmacy education in Jordan.  
  • Providing services to the industry and the community by participating in sponsored research projects, consultation or development of new technologies aimed at addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the community.