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Council of Deans

Prof. Mutaz Sheikh Salem

Prof. Marwan M. Obeidat
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Mohammad Bettaz
Dean of Information Technology
Dean of Quality Assurance

Prof. Abdel Muttaleb Jaber
Dean of Pharmacy
Dean of Academic Research and Graduate Studies

Prof. Kasim Al-Aubaidi
Dean of Engineering and Technology

Prof. Issam Najib
Dean of Development and Distance Learning

Dr. Marouf Samhan
Acting Dean of Faculty of Science

Dr. Khaldoun Batihah
Acting Dean of Admission and Registration

Dr. Ghassan Abdel Khaleq
Acting Dean of Faculty of Arts

Dr. Osamah Al-Nimat
Acting Dean of Faculty of Law

Dr. Fadwa Al-Halaiqa
Acting Dean of Faculty of Nursing

Dr. Samir Al-Abadi
Acting Dean of Faculty of Business

Dr. Omar Al-Kafaween
Acting Dean of Student Affairs