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Council of Deans

The Council of Deans is responsible for executing the University policy and is chaired by the University President. It includes as members the Vice Presidents and the Deans.

Terms of Reference:

  • To recommend to the Board of Trustees establishment, integration or abrogation of faculties, departments, programs and academic specializations.
  • To appoint faculty members at the University, promote them, grant them tenure, transfer them from one category to another, second them, and grant them sabbatical leave for carrying out research, as well as leave without pay, accept their resignations or terminate their service .
  • To review the academic staff’s performance , teaching methods and academic research and take appropriate action in this regard.
  • To send faculty members, lecturers, researchers, teaching assistants or technicians working in the academic field at the University and persons affiliated with it on scholarships and academic tasks and training sessions as per the University’s regulations.
  • To recommend to the Board of Trustees the number of students to be annually admitted  to the University’s various programs and fields of specialization, and the tuition fees for each of these specializations .
  • To consider and rule on drafts of study plans submitted by the various faculty council’s, institutes and centers.
  • To evaluate the standard of academic performance and attainment at the  University.
  • To award academic and honorary degrees and certificates .
  • To establish professorship chairs.
  • To formulate instructions pertaining to admission to the University in accordance with standards approved by the Higher Education Council, as well as instructions pertaining to the number of students to be admitted thereto .
  • To draw up  instructions for implementing the provisions of regulations related to academic activity at the University.
  • To look into any issue related to academic work submitted to it by the President over which no other party has jurisdiction pursuant to the provisions of this law or any other legislation 



Prof. Mutaz Sheikh Salem


Prof. Marwan M. Obeidat

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Mohammad Bettaz

Dean of Information Technology

Dean of Quality Assurance

Prof. Abdel Muttaleb Jaber

Dean of Pharmacy

Dean of Academic Research and Graduate Studies

Prof. Kasim Al-Aubaidi Dean of Engineering and Technology
Prof. Issam Najib Dean of Development and Distance Learning
Dr. Marouf Samhan Acting Dean of Faculty of Science
Dr. Khaldoun Batihah Acting Dean of Admission and Registration
Dr. Ghassan Abdel Khaleq Acting Dean of Faculty of  Arts
Dr. Osamah Al-Nimat Acting Dean of Faculty of  Law
Dr. Fadwa Al-Halaiqa Acting Dean of Faculty of  Nursing
Dr. Samir Al-Abadi Acting Dean of Faculty of Business
Dr. Omar Al-Kafaween Acting Dean of Student Affairs